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  1. I feel really dumb for not trying these things, assumed that it wasn't the issue since I can see some caravans. However, I will see if this fixes it. Thank you to everyone for your kind responses. @ThomasDavidO97 @Fr0zR.- [CHILE] @Odia @TTwerty @en_field @Sabbi [GER] @MarkON
  2. Quick question here, is it normal to not find any caravans available when driving a car? -if not: Any fix? BR
  3. I have grown up with Volvo, visiting factories, events and more. Therefore traveling to the factory in game (it looks really close to real life) is just an awesome experience Therefore I'll have to say that I prefer ETS2.
  4. "What is the funniest thing that you have witnessed in this game?" - I think this says it all
  5. I think that the real life concept of zipper merging is great. The only problem is that it works great in theory but not as much in practice. The easiest thing to do is to just line up, keep right and wait like everybody else. Have a nice Sunday evening!
  6. It really depends on the situation. If I deem it safe for the overtake to continue at a slow overtaking speed I would stay at my current speed. (on most motorways) If I deem it unsafe for the overtake to continue I would probably honk my horn, and flash my lights to alert oncoming traffic since I need to look behind me so that I don't break check someone accidentally before slowing down.
  7. I totally agree, the thing about event loads not being synced is something that I hope they are working hard (and fast) on because it's a disaster at the moment. To conclude, y'all find me playing the event on EU#4 [No collision]
  8. Well. I got rammed, destroying hours of work in Paris, threatened by admins. I got forced to use f7 + enter since I got flipped by another player (who was found not guilty by mods) and this canceled my load so I had to start over. This is a disaster and I am sorry to say that I am seriously disappointed in the way the moderator team is handling the situation.
  9. Action! - It's great, always updated, and the quality is fantastic
  10. I like EU#1 and EU#2. I personally like EU#1 better, but when playing with my friends that like speed we usually go on and play on EU#2
  11. ^ Thank you for the idea! I will try it out I have this problem on my Volvo FH16 - 2014 (750hp)
  12. Hello there! When I started to play today, I noticed that my engines sound has changed. I just passed 10.000km on my truck, is this the reason for the new sound? Thanks in advance,
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