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  1. I have a Logitech G29, and I have to be honest, it's not great. I makes A LOT of noise, forget about having a conversation with anybody else while driving, otherwise I haven't found any issues. Logitech support has also denied certain problems to exist, example: The Logitech G933 will, when out of battery for too long blink red, refuse to reconnect and refuse to charge. When confronted with this Logitech support said that you have to connect them. Several people have tried to explain that they can't connect it but Logitech support denies this being the case and tells them to just connect them. this was a while ago and things may have changed
  2. öhhhh... are you sure you want to know? ----------------------------- Going East! Ice Cold Paint Jobs Pack Force of Nature Paint Jobs Pack Metallic Paint Jobs Pack UK Paint Jobs Pack Irish Paint Jobs Pack Scottish Paint Jobs Pack Polish Paint Jobs Pack Brazilian Paint Jobs Pack Fantasy Paint Jobs Pack USA Paint Jobs Pack Scandinavia Canadian Paint Jobs Pack High Power Cargo Pack German Paint Jobs Pack French Paint Jobs Pack Czech Paint Jobs Pack Norwegian Paint Jobs Pack Danish Paint Jobs Pack Swedish Paint Jobs Pack Viking Legends Russian Paint Jobs Pack Japanese Paint Jobs Pack Turkish Paint Jobs Pack Italian Paint Jobs Pack Hungarian Paint Jobs Pack Slovak Paint Jobs Pack Spanish Paint Jobs Pack Window Flags Austrian Paint Jobs Pack South Korean Paint Jobs Pack Swiss Paint Jobs Pack Chinese Paint Jobs Pack Vive la France ! Heavy Cargo Pack Italia Special Transport Beyond the Baltic Sea
  3. Obviously the Volvo FH16, I can be a little biased since I'm an intern at the Tuve plant. But I think they are the best anyway
  4. I feel really dumb for not trying these things, assumed that it wasn't the issue since I can see some caravans. However, I will see if this fixes it. Thank you to everyone for your kind responses. @ThomasDavidO97 @Fr0zR.- [CHILE] @Odia @TTwerty @en_field @Sabbi [GER] @MarkON
  5. Quick question here, is it normal to not find any caravans available when driving a car? -if not: Any fix? BR
  6. It really depends on the situation. If I deem it safe for the overtake to continue at a slow overtaking speed I would stay at my current speed. (on most motorways) If I deem it unsafe for the overtake to continue I would probably honk my horn, and flash my lights to alert oncoming traffic since I need to look behind me so that I don't break check someone accidentally before slowing down.
  7. ^ Thank you for the idea! I will try it out I have this problem on my Volvo FH16 - 2014 (750hp)
  8. Hello there! When I started to play today, I noticed that my engines sound has changed. I just passed 10.000km on my truck, is this the reason for the new sound? Thanks in advance,
  9. Yes, just as @SpeedySam said, the easiest way to fix this is by sleep at services/hotel or another resting place. A while ago you could also pres f7+enter but this seem to have been removed. You can also drive around to the different companies and take a load directly and hope for that the jobs are back when you have finished the load, but this does not always fix the problem.
  10. Okay, but to be able to create a thread for my company (VTC) i have to have 100 useful posts, how to I know how many I have? Okay, thank you!
  11. Hello there! What is the difference between a normal forum post and a "useful" forum post?
  12. Hai, Kiddo. </3 LMAO

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