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  1. What is the TMP Discord? I cannot find it. :)

    1. AlecksDeeHD


      Many thanks, Really appreciate it! +1

  2. 60 hour work week so far. one more day to go! Loving it tho ngl :)

  3. OMDS! 183 Notifications LMAO

  4. May be a stupid question but is Special transport available on MP/soon going to be added :)

  5. erm.PNG.0dfba291a0e730d07c0d4462a41fe848.PNG

    Why cant i download and reinstall my DLCs?

  6. Spotify premium worth it?

    1. _Pingu_


      Yep if you can get it for free

    2. Spieker


      if you have enough money sure, but maybe there's probably more important stuff to spend money on

  7. Convoy at nantes farm EU3 if you want to join :)


  8. What does TMP forum rank do? xD

  9. Can i have my bans that are more than 12 months old removed from my profile or do they have to stay there forever?

    1. -NOYAN-


      no mate they been delete one years later . you your ban at profıle but ıt dont have a mean.  only permament ban stay forever

      you see your ban ı mean

      offf ı mean they wıll stay at there , but no mean .

    2. Smoky_TMP


      Hello, it's not possible to let the bans on your profile "disappear", the ones that are older than 12 months old won't count for history bans anymore. (yellow dot). However, if a ban is incorrect it will be "removed", but you'll still see it with a red dot.

    3. AlecksDeeHD


      I see. Just wondered if the actual ban disappears eventually. maybe not ;)


  10. Hey, my friend is trying to play ATSMP and he only has 3 hours. does he need to play (x) amount to play MP?

    1. Positivetrucking168


      If your friend has three hours logged on Steam, yes he is free to download ATSMP. Tell him to go to this link here and download the mod:


      If you or your friend needs any further help with regards to TruckersMP, check out this section of the forums:


  11. Streaming on youtube. Come watch if you like!



  12. I just tp'd to duisberg and my game crashed. Even gota good PC too LOL

    1. Rev.


      I'll have to test that. :troll:


    2. AlecksDeeHD
  13. First ever pair of yeezys arrived today :D 

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