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  1. -1 This will keep new people out wich brings the community to dying because of no new people. We dont need to lock us in, always be open to new people.
  2. I dont need this, but nobody will, have a disadvantage by implementing that, only people will profit . so a +1 from me
  3. This will add realism. I dont see why it will add traffic tho. +1
  4. Probably an open/experimental beta starts on thursday, as they mentioned that they have a "party" on thursday
  5. Thats good news, might be there for some time already, idk
  6. Wild Idea: !.36 include the Range T aswell as Corsica and they take it as some kind of france update. Only a theroy tho
  7. Phone: Honor 10 If I had to get a new one: Xiaomi mi 9t pro
  8. Service: You can download the update via starting the app as administrator. However the game will tell you, that you have an invalid client and you should redownload. I have no fix for that.


    Edit: There is another update for ets2mp and atsmp but still invalid game client. (20:38 in Germany)

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    2. B1MM3R


      I just update MP once more after prompt window when starting TruckersMP client and it is working now.

    3. Luigi1474
    4. spiritmark1


      Apologize for the late reply @Luigi1474 only just seen the message glad you got it working 👍

  9. Is there currently a problem with the event server? I get kicked there for high (600ms+) ping but I have a ping of 30-40ms on EU2

    1. RichManSCTV
    2. dragonslayingmaster1000


      Same here as soon as I join. If you're using wifi maybe try uninstalling wifi in device manager and restart your computer, all I can think of but it's probably on their side because I had no problems in europoort but I'm suddenly being kicked in uk.

    3. RichManSCTV


      Its an issue with the server

  10. But in theory its already forbidden to use Skodas on CD because they count as useless traffic und useless traffic is forbidden on that road. Therefor I think that an autokick system like with double trailers and the vehicle lights would be the best solution because it puts 0 load onto the admins and is very effective. Edit: I think this should be moved to game suggestions...
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