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  1. right click mouse cursor will show up
  2. You don't need to use the modmanager for promods on mp just have them in the mod folder and it doesn't support the trailer packs or interior just the promod map + middle east addon
  3. I had same problem today but using a controller , fixed it by using compatibility mode "windows 8" and run as admin for truckersmp application - try it and see if it works for you
  4. Good to be back on the road! 

  5. Press tab button then right click so it shows the mouse - overhead you will find the CB radio in truck, there is 3 knobs on there... click the leftmost knob to switch it on and off
  6. Happened to me the other day aswell- fixed it by running as admin on the shortcut
  7. Its down for maintenance still i think, they tweeted this yesterday
  8. Sleep if you can . if not use f7 to pass time then jobs will show up
  9. Hello , you can use f7 when the trailers are like that and you will be teleported to repair shop with the trailer attached
  10. No double trailer yet and there is no "no collizion zones", Theres is a patch coming today to fix
  11. Yup looks ok , giv it a try and see , Im not running any betas so id say the regular update will work fine
  12. you can turn it off in the new settings , find them when you start game or press tab(hold right mouse)and click settings
  13. Gratz! Best mod for sure, one all ets2 players were waiting for so long , Thank you well done!
  14. Here's one I use , you can change how much you start in def\Game on line "money_account: " Only works starting new profile of course, it has 200,000 default http://sharemods.com/42jtth09bfy9/StartMoney.scs.html *edit* got it sorted yeah? haha np its there if anyone wants it
  15. Hello do you have 1.12 version or 1.14? Look here for guide to downgrade: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/235-common-problems-please-read-before-posting/#uvd1121
  16. There's one: "You will exchange this thing?" followed by a link screenshot.png, I seen going around too
  17. yeah you can , you opt into a beta when you downgrade then you just opt out of all and it will download regular version
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