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  1. thanks for the relpy admins keep up the good work please close this post thank you
  2. is there any eta on when servers will be back online as it say we got the wrong version and to redownload it i tryed this with a fresh install and still it says its wrong
  3. disregard i fixed it it was a error with the old and new config thanks for your help
  4. thanks for a fast reply i did this and the update just stops with 1gb left i have the space and more and tryed all steps needed
  5. hi there was an update today for ETS2 and i looked on your website to see if there was an update or info there i found on your home page it say to downgrade to but i do not see it in the list on steam i do see 1.19.1 but this will not fully downgrade it stops i have reinstalled steam, game and mp run all in admin and still not working or see a i looked on the forums for info and yes found some for older clients but nothing for the update that can this morning thanks for any help regards ishylloyd
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