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  1. Case Fractal Design Mini C Window Motherboard Z270 Mortar i5 6600k OC 4.1 Ghz GTX 760 2GB 8GB Ram DDR4 2 x SSD Kingston V300 240GB Super Flower 750W Keyboard Logitech G810 RGB
  2. Now it's all good. Looks like the problems was from the fact that the server was overload.
  3. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Image flickering, first time when this happens. How to reproduce: Just playing the game, some parts of the image are flickering as you can see in the video. Screenshots / Videos:
  4. Hello everyone. Since I got permanent ban I would like to have my truckersmp account removed from the website. How can I do that ? I was thinking to try at truckersmp feedback email but I always got back that the email could not be sent to that email address. Thank you !
  5. Yeah because 90% are reckless kids that love to ram people.
  6. BloodyHellboy

    Truck bug

    Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard and joystick Description of Issue: After the last update looks like the old problem is back. The truck is steering to right when you don't expect and sometimes it drives itself backwards. How to reproduce: Just normal driving Screenshots / Videos: None.
  7. I tried all the things to fix it but works just for some time. New profile, no mods, no cheat but still crashes very often no matter where I am.
  8. Cars are cool when you're bored to try to deliver trailers and get rammed by others with cars :)) . But a truck with pilot paint was better and good looking !
  9. Hope so, it's very frustrating to try do downgrade and get the same version of the game. i tried and beta 1.27 but without success.
  10. Last time took a few days to update truckersmp. Weird is that I can't downgrade the game.
  11. I get the same thing and the option before to go in betas and add temporary 1.27 doens't work now.
  12. I see no new cargos in the game with the new update. Max cargos of 25 tons.
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