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  1. AnonimulCelebru

    Post Your Setup

    Case Fractal Design Mini C Window Motherboard Z270 Mortar i5 6600k OC 4.1 Ghz GTX 760 2GB 8GB Ram DDR4 2 x SSD Kingston V300 240GB Super Flower 750W Keyboard Logitech G810 RGB
  2. AnonimulCelebru

    [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    Good luck all ! Thanks for this !
  3. AnonimulCelebru

    Game Flickering

    Now it's all good. Looks like the problems was from the fact that the server was overload.
  4. AnonimulCelebru

    Game Flickering

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Image flickering, first time when this happens. How to reproduce: Just playing the game, some parts of the image are flickering as you can see in the video. Screenshots / Videos:
  5. AnonimulCelebru

    Account delete

    Hello everyone. Since I got permanent ban I would like to have my truckersmp account removed from the website. How can I do that ? I was thinking to try at truckersmp feedback email but I always got back that the email could not be sent to that email address. Thank you !
  6. AnonimulCelebru

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    Yeah because 90% are reckless kids that love to ram people.
  7. AnonimulCelebru

    Truck bug

    Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard and joystick Description of Issue: After the last update looks like the old problem is back. The truck is steering to right when you don't expect and sometimes it drives itself backwards. How to reproduce: Just normal driving Screenshots / Videos: None.
  8. AnonimulCelebru Released

    I tried all the things to fix it but works just for some time. New profile, no mods, no cheat but still crashes very often no matter where I am.
  9. AnonimulCelebru

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    Cars are cool when you're bored to try to deliver trailers and get rammed by others with cars :)) . But a truck with pilot paint was better and good looking !
  10. AnonimulCelebru Released

    Good job, thank you.
  11. AnonimulCelebru Released

    I hope will be so easy to fix it.
  12. AnonimulCelebru Released

    Hope so, it's very frustrating to try do downgrade and get the same version of the game. i tried and beta 1.27 but without success.
  13. AnonimulCelebru Released

    Last time took a few days to update truckersmp. Weird is that I can't downgrade the game.
  14. AnonimulCelebru Released

    I get the same thing and the option before to go in betas and add temporary 1.27 doens't work now.
  15. AnonimulCelebru Released

    I see no new cargos in the game with the new update. Max cargos of 25 tons.