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  1. check out my signature, dont get skylake its still very pricey
  2. it brought us together, now they made us separated because of too many servers
  3. great, thanks ,this will be a great wallpaper, can you post the link to the raw/psd or ai file? id like to stick some ets2mp logo with it
  4. money + unlock all mods in Single player mode save and quit enter MP you're reach as in 99,999,999,999,9999
  5. too many servers got us separated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Controller for convoys(since I have to switch to camera 2 for better fps) steering wheel on single runs or when I can play using inside cabin view
  7. Get a GTX 960 or GTX 970(recommended) and you should be fine GTX 970 will last until you upgrade your processor/motherboard/memory/PSU, just make sure you get quad core processor again, just like your existing
  8. If you happen to have a webcam try FaceTrackNoir, its not a great alternative to TrackIR but will convince you to buy trackIR.
  9. While I appreaciate the purpose of having lots of server for different geographical locations, It just feels wrong that I havent played MP in the last month because the roads are very empty in the asian server, but when I try to connect to EU1 id just get disconnected because of poor ping. Im not a network kind of guys but hopefully there is a way that the other servers can be used to make our connections to EU1 much faster, hopefully. thanks, this is just whats in my mind.
  10. Sharing for all of you that does not know 1. Right click the convoy additional information area and select "Inspect Element(Q)" im using firefox but google has this option too.(see 1.jpg) 2. Click on the ">" icon on the righ side of <textarea class="autogrow"....> (see 2.jpg) 3. Double click the text directly below <textarea class="autogrow"....> and there you go, copy paste the links you want to access.(see 2.jpg) hope this helps
  11. totally agree, it is really nice to drive around crowded places now than before
  12. checkout this thread, especially page 5000 http://www.tipidpc.com/viewtopic.php?tid=148575 just use google translate, and the price posted there are in Philippine peso so just do some conversion
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