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  1. oh this card, lots of memories just to get one of those but during its time its just too expensive, and by the time I can buy one it is already called gts250, that card is very special to me because it was my inspiration for working hard and getting so far... but in the end it didnt even matter... but id still buy one if I can find a brand new in my country for my 6 year old gaming pc. this one is in my internet cafe for customers use, gamers really appreciate its speed even though its old. and here is my not so new gaming pc(bought december 2011) Intel Core i5 2400 Ripjaws X 4gb x2 Asrock H61/u3s3 1tb western digital blue NZXT Source 210 Dell 20inch monitor xbox controller G27(may 2013,played ets2 more than what it is bought for) upgrades! seasonic M12II 520w psu(november 2014) Palit GTX 970 Jetstream (february 2015)
  2. good to know, thanks devs, more power
  3. reinramirez.blogspot.com

  4. I recommend to use the Splitter transmission, I have been using it since I got the g27, I only have to use the toggle when changing from gear 11 to 12, usually on freeways and high speeds. if you dont have the money yet for this controller, get an xbox controller, it works well, im using it if i am feeling lazy setting up the wheels because I cant afford a playseat yet.
  5. you will probably crash if you dont if there is a player around you that have that dlc.
  6. does this mean that 1. you will crash if some trucker around you has christmas paintjob? 2. you will crash of you have christmas painjob? 3. you will crash other players if they dont have christmas dlc? I encountered this last night, I cant enter a city since it crashes, I had to finish the job in single player mode, after the delivery I quitted the game and entered onto multiplayer and then it crashed again. please everyone disable your christmas paintjob until the devs get into the bottom of this! it will be much appreciated!
  7. here is what I did 1. create a new profile on single player 2. apply money, xp and unlock all upgrades mod 3. did some quick jobs until i found a MAN dealer, customize a truck to the max and bought it 4. finished delivery and tried my new truck 5. removed mods 6. quit ets2 7. started ets2 MP 8. loaded my newly created profile and played now i have to truck again to unlock all truck customizations to VTC's that require custom pain job
  8. wait, isnt f7+enter goint to get you banned? ive seen alot got banned by using it, or it is ok when in situations like this?
  9. try downloading the latest client, since I started playing I do this everytime i start to play just to be sure, havent had any unusual problems yet. well i had once, it was when the client was updated mid game and my last resort is to redownload the client and it worked like magic
  10. i'd just play with those da*n drivers as long as they dont damage my cargo, i remember when i was parked at a gasoline stations rightmost part of the exit waiting for another trucker then a driver got in the gasoline station in full speed and hit my cab(atleast not my cargo) and sped away, wish i gave an F to get his ID but meh, waste of time.
  11. for a rocket scientist it is, but for a trucker i dont think so. ive been hearing alot from diyers with arduino and raspberry pie, both sound delicious
  12. just a handbrake, or maybe a separate handbrake that you can buy in addition to g27
  13. I just noticed that the max player on EU#1 server is now at 5000, that is sooo cool, thank you devs, cant ask for more.(btw dont let scs buy this mod, this should be run by you because you dont listen to whiners and idiots, this is how it should be run)
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