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  1. STEAM: 11,88€ without taxes for Washington and Forest Machinery (from West Coast Bundle)
  2. Vinnie P. B.

    Picture of the Month: June

  3. Vinnie P. B.

    Picture of the Month: May (Winners)

    Congrats for 2nd and 3rd place!
  4. Vinnie P. B.

    ETS2 Updates - Past, present and future!

    We already DREAM on for 1.36 or 1.37...
  5. Vinnie P. B.

    Easter Eggs

    Nice topic, I really likes ''UTAH'' and ''Ljubljana'' on signs....
  6. Vinnie P. B.

    Road to the Black Sea - New Map DLC

    Soo nice....
  7. Vinnie P. B.

    Picture of the Month: May

  8. Vinnie P. B.

    ATS 1.35 Experimental/Open Beta

    @MarkON Thanx!
  9. Vinnie P. B.

    ATS 1.35 Experimental/Open Beta

    Ugh... ?
  10. Vinnie P. B.

    Getting out of cab

    Probably this year that will finally happen with some of the Upcoming updates!
  11. Vinnie P. B.

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    I support the IDEA. For example:
  12. Vinnie P. B.

    Coloured License Plates

    Go to WoT > My page (https://worldoftrucks.com/en/profile/XXXXX digits) Then to Profile Custumization (https://worldoftrucks.com/en/customize) Scroll to middle of the page and u will see ''EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 CUSTOM LICENSE PLATES'' and ''AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR CUSTOM LICENSE PLATES'' Choose ur Country or State, then ENTER LICENSE PLATE TEXT and hit button UPLOAD Restart the game and u r done.
  13. Vinnie P. B.

    [Version 3.0] How do I convoy Guide!

    Like it, thanx for the efforts!