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  1. [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Дойде и другата: М/у другото ''изтекоха'' някви УЖ частично (НЕ) Официални ПРЕдстоящи неща: Ако някой има нужда от превод и разяснения да казва....
  2. New Roads in 1.32 BETA

    Nice topic, but I wonder where is '' the intersection of I-5 and I-80'' exactly ? From:
  3. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    Luv ATS, but most of the time prefer ETS 'cause of the abundance of everything that it has atm as opposed to US little brother. Even a TSMP, which I don't like it so much...
  4. New port Germany 1.32

    Some sneak peaks:
  5. Coolest truck paintjob

    There is a thousand coolest paint jobs, it's difficult to say which 1 is best of the best... Look around WoT galleries, here and in SCS forums, even Flickr, Imgur and Google images sites also.
  6. Upcoming Map DLCs

    Nice, will see them probably on December 2018....
  7. Trailer driving with no truck

    it's normal for TSMP.
  8. Thanks for the follow ^_^

  9. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Close to da ''J-Spec''...