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  1. Often yes, but sometimes I just only want to hear the murmur of the might engine and the sounds of the environment in uninhabited areas ...
  2. One of the best ETS 2 free map mod from years. https://promods.net/
  3. TOP NEWS, Thanx a lot! Don't like it, but... I will continue with these contracts, because still need the achievements for them.
  4. There is a big, 8 months topic for that >
  5. This was a simple, but good 1. IMO there is too much cabin "toys", instead enough skins and variety of tyres.... I got it free from the 1st event with the giveaways.
  6. Hi, Where's exactly in user profile options stay the field that contains VTC link/ info? Want to delete/ change it, but can't find it.... still. Thanx in advance!
  7. STEAM: 11,88€ without taxes for Washington and Forest Machinery (from West Coast Bundle)
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