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  1. Hey guys, as you might saw in the News Section. I've been removed from the team. 

    I've did something what is actually not really tolerable. I just want to clarify, I've never wanted to hurt the TruckersMP project. I want that you know me as a good and fair guy. It might looks something else for the TruckersMP Upper-Staff, but it's myself opinion. I've clarified all friendly with the staff and found a solution. And it's the solution, they removed me. I could be now angry about some internal details, which I don't want to call now, but I'm not angry. Their decision is totally alright. Maybe I get a chance in near future to join back in the team as Media Member and continue create great assets, banners and so on for TruckersMP and the community. It's very pity that I cannot end some projects, but maybe I'll get a chance. Please do not judge me so much, I love you all guys and wish you a great time in the future. If anyone wants more information, can surely contact me for more details. (No leaks)

    And now, drive safe and always follow the rules!! ;)


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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      As an outsider, and seeing this incident as a PLAYER. Personally I think it is justified. I have no issues with you or anything against you but I was baffled when I saw what I saw. However I don't know the exact details regarding the incident.


      I hope everything goes well for you and I look forward to seeing you on the road. It is a shame that this happened :( 

    3. ZombieZz


      I hope you can possibly join back the media team one day! Best of luck.

    4. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      You can be just right and try to do the best if this is not noticed in vain trying to do this day by day. And I'm very sorry for you and I hope to come back again where you deserve to be. :( :( 


      - I'll always be here if you have something to say or help.

      - Good luck in everything you do from now on.

      - We will always be here and we will not change. :truestory::wub:

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