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  1. So with Promods now being 1.36 compatible, do we see a return to mp anytime soon?

  2. To those who keep asking "When's Promods going to be supported?" or come out with the comments of "I can't play Promods in sp or mp" it's really, really simple.. you're going to have to wait until Promods have released their own update, once that's happened it will all be mp compatible again and you can stop moaning. Things like this take time and quite frankly, if you don't like it. Don't upgrade until it's supported, but bear in mind you'll only be able to play sp..

    1. Guest


      in my opinion promods will be uptaded after released of the black sea

    2. LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      It usually takes a month or so for it to update.

    3. Guest


      I don't know it.

  3. Well said, I couldn't have put that any better if I'd tried. And I'm a very blunt person
  4. Я рад, что вы все поняли, и надеюсь, что наши ответы помогли
  5. Всем привет! TruckersMP по умолчанию отключает все моды, так как у них есть собственный менеджер модов в панели запуска. Это означает, что они могут контролировать используемые моды. Я надеюсь, что это помогло, извините, если что-то написано неправильно. Я использовал Google Translate для этого. Хорошего дня, сэр
  6. Personally I believe the 68mph (110km/h) limit is great to have in the aim of reducing trolls, though causes problems when you're trying to do 70mph along UK motorways or 130km/h (81) along french motorways. The city limits of (60km/h / 37mph) is great to have, although isn't considered enough with the bigger cities in mind on Promods or those cities which have increased speed limits (40mph, Chelmsford UK and the 50km/h - 70km/h - 80km/h - 70km/h - 50km/h zone besides Calais, which can cause problems (coming from sea port) for example). But all in all I think with some minor tweaking, or even leaving how it is now, the speed limiter is a great thing to have. It reduces the number of collisions and increases safety by at least 10% (at a guess) if not more. I feel much safer now that these limits are in place and believe that they could do with a very minor tweak to adjust to said places along the Promods map especially. If you don't like the limiter as it is, or in general it's quite simple really. Just don't play simulation servers, they're there to serve a purpose, to reinforce the purpose of simulation. People clearly cannot handle higher speeds and that's why TruckersMP had to introduce this limiter.
  7. Let's see how many of you guys can succeed in the VTC industry with us! I'm sure you'll strive
  8. Chelmsford, UK for me. Since it's close to where I live
  9. I believe there are mods capable of doing this currently.
  10. I'll be basing my VTC out of Chelmsford, UK. Since it's close to both the area it was based upon (Lakeside, UK) and where I live. So my VTC - Lakeside Transport will officially be based from Chelmsford, UK
  11. Lakeside Transport VTC Redefining the future in virtual trucking Why work at Lakeside Transport: An amazing place and atmosphere to work Benefits for driving in the VTC Chances to join an amazing and forever expanding staff team About us: Lakeside Transport is a well established VTC in the TruckersMP community. We began this amazing adventure on the 19th September in 2015 with the intention of giving people who are new to Euro Truck Simulator 2 or TruckersMP an insight of the VTC world. Today our intentions have changed and we know believe although we are small with only 15 drivers, that we can change and redefine the standards for virtual trucking in the future. We ensure to make sure that our drivers get the best experience possible of virtual trucking. We are an old VTC, however a very promising one! Join us today! Why? Because we're something more than just a VTC. Join us and experience virtual trucking like no other level. Staff positions: Event team, Media team, Development team, Human resources team and more! There is always one posititon that suits your specicality. Not only driving, but you could help us make Lakeside a better place for everyone. Convoys and events Although we're small we try and do at least 1 convoy every month! The essential core value of a VTC is indeed driving as a group. From this moment on, you will always have someone to drive with. Tier & division system (ranking) Rather than just using tracking technologies and leaving drivers to drive by themselves, we strongly encourage driving together and attend convoys! The more you drive, the more you deliver, the more expectations you exceed, the better you progress through our unique tier system. We also seperate into two divisions in each tier, short and long haulage, so there is always a rank to satisfy. Mileage requirements Weekly mileage requirements are now a thing of the past! With us you get monthly mileage requirements to complete, which also is dependant to your tier and division so you'll never be expected too much of! Technologies With our professional fleet of drivers and management we believe that they deserve the best in the technologies avaliable to them! So below you can find the technologies for the relevent thing, i.e logging, communications, etc Tracking/logging: Virtual Truck Log (VTLog) Trucksbook (TB) Communcations Discord Our fleet Lakeside Transport believes that to complete their duties, a driver must be provided with a vehicle which is more than capable of completing the task, which is why we use the following vehicles: Scania (R (old/new), S, Streamline, etc) Volvo (FH and FH16) Iveco Highway DAF XF (all models, old/new) Mercedes Actros (all models Renualt (T range, premium, magnum) MAN (All models) Peterbuilt 389 & 579 (US) Volvo VNL (US) Kenworth W900 & T680 (US) International Lonestar (US) So with all of this avaliable to you why would you even question going anywhere else? We look forward to hearing from you soon! Useful information: Website: https://lakeside-transport.wixsite.com/welcome Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/faAN636 TruckersMP page: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/2583 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LakesideTransport Email: [email protected]
  12. Damn, four years of me using this fine multiplayer platform.. How time flies xD Cheers Truckersmp
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