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  1. I see there are some issues? Even tho this is 5hrs old but what are the issues?
  2. Yup.. Can reach town but as soon as we come near any companies it crashes
  3. Yes it has! Just weird how it would even start and let me go that far Thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply, see below Im driving a Scania but I know there were others around me, perhaps they had a volvo and caused it to crash to desktop? Edit: For some reason 7 failed to validate and has to be reaquired
  5. I get the same CTD today.. Out of the blue, just like that Took a job from Finland to Russia and it crashes about halfway from FI/RU border to Vyborg.. Always the same place. See attached files for logs. it would seem its my nvidia drivers or nvidia shadow but it doesnt matter if Im recording and I updated them yesterday without issues until now last_crash.log client_2022_11_04_log.txt
  6. tcntad


    Nästan varje dag
  7. Att du har maken att heta Andreas är ju förjävligt också Mvh Andreas
  8. Känns "spontant" som att fler borde hitta hit. Möter inte alltför många svenskar på vägarna tyvärr. Turkar och tyskar däremot
  9. Jag är kvar:P Spelar mer än vad jag är på forumet dock
  10. Well you're right about that.. Even IRL drivers cant drive
  11. Great news! Cant we force right of way for sections where it can be done? Just disregarding the lights like IRL
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