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  1. All set for the EHHVTC 3 year event tomorrow:wow: a0wYkCk.png

  2. Some midweek promods... hoping for the release of mp soon.


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. EHHVTC DM I danbrown2002

      EHHVTC DM I danbrown2002

      Hopefully that can be a photo of a line of trucks in ProMods very soon 😀

  3. So when I play for about 15 minutes in tmp I keep getting kicked for ping. I usually get a stable 20 ping and don't have his issue in any other games. I have tried reinstalling tmp, launching the game in safe mode and lowering all graphics if anyone has a solution plz let me know.
  4. Hi, I had this problem but a simple reinstall fixed the problem for me.
  5. Being the most used server it might experience some lag a peak times however this only happens rarely and the lag will be fixed quickly.
  6. The more time sped offline equals the less money you make in tmp so if you are offline for a while you will get minus money because of the late delivery. So if you do a job in tmp always make sure that you finish it before you leave.
  7. Try contacting https://support.truckersmp.com/
  8. 1) press tab 2) right click 3) Look up and you will see a black box 4) click the buttons on the black box untill you are on the channel that you want 5) right click again 6) press x to talk Hoped this helped
  9. Only game moderators are allowed to use the police car.
  10. looking at the stats there it seems to be some problem that is not related to your specs so uninstall tmp but make sure to delete the tmp files (not the ets2 one cause you will loose all of your stuff) because sometimes when a program is uninstalled it can sometimes leave the files and when you re install it it will use to files that are already present. It is unlikely that this will work but it seems that you have tried pretty much every other option.
  11. I had a problem like this when my pc did not give the game enough ram to the game so make sure that you have not accidentally limited the ram to 2gb or something like that.
  12. Thank you for the follow! :wow:

  13. personally, I think that as long as they stick close to the speed limit I have no problem with them.
  14. still waiting for an update to the uk tho....
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