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  1. Congrats, please make this the year of openness and transparency!
  2. Surveys are typically designed to collect a representative sample of opinions or attitudes from a particular population. The results of a survey depend on a variety of factors, such as the sampling method, the wording of the questions, and the size of the sample. The responses of individuals are typically aggregated and analyzed to provide an overall picture of the population's views or opinions. In some cases, individuals who are more vocal or assertive may have a greater influence on the results of a survey if they are able to persuade others to adopt their views and I believe this is what happened here. Especially that we know that there was a big campaign on the servers and abroad, encouraging other players to go vote for a speed increase where players of the opposite opinion remained mostly silent thinking that the concept of "Road to simulation" would shield them from any changes in the Truckers MP vision. 8000 survey answers is not an impressive result in a 5 million user base, 0.16%
  3. It's almost as if the past never existed. Has anyone on the team developed a case of selective memory? Back when EU2 was around, administering it was a complete nightmare. Reports of reckless drivers who couldn't handle their vehicles at high speeds flooded in endlessly. One can't help but wonder why Road to Simulation was even created. Unfortunately, history seems to be on the verge of repeating itself. With EU2 poised to become the busiest server once again, the Game Moderation team is likely to be saddled with an increased workload.
  4. I want a cup with my cats face on it ?
  5. Suggestion Name: Money and XP cheats allowed Suggestion Description: Add a sentence in rule 2.1 that money and XP cheats are allowed Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Players often ask if it is allowed and I noticed that it is not port of the rules. If it is allowed, in my opinion, it should be mentioned somewhere.
  6. Sysgen


    Va ici www.truckersmp.com/appeals et l'admin va te montrer le video.
  7. Sysgen


    Quel est la raison de ton ban? Parfois ils ban permanent pour te forcer a faire un changement soit a ton nom ou bien enlever une modification illégal a ton camion. As tu fais un appeal (https://truckersmp.com/appeals) et si oui, quel as ete la réponse du moderateur?
  8. Why do you think that creating another account would be allowed, then why have any rules, why have admins, let's just give all players the right to do anything they want! The bans are there to remove players such has you, that cannot follow the rules. It's not the account that is banned, it's you! Creating another account while you are still banned is called ban evading and is also not allowed.
  9. You're alive :o) 

    1. ScaniaFan89


      He retired but still pops on, wish he hadn't left.......there would be a lot of this going on if he came back, we lost a true friendly admin & a legend O3DHIA5.gif

    2. Sysgen
  10. What do you propose then? @weedebeast85 Complains then proposes nothing
  11. Sorry, I won't bother looking at your video. You've voiced your opinion, let's see if something changes.
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