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  1. iv got no tab or chat and iv tried everything to get it up like f11 like normal 

    and iv got 2 mouse pointers one ingame and one like my desktop one 

    all these problems came with the update on mp

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    2. chipmunk197


      iv got name tags thou but everytime ill log into online today since the server update iv not had chat or tab

    3. Kehox


      when you open TruckersMP.EXE ( the launcher ) befor pressing ETS have you try... ( F1 .. make the update ) and after click ETS ( play buttom in the launcher )... ??? 

    4. chipmunk197


      then it runs the game 

      and another thing iv seen is my logs are all in Chinese witch is fine coz i can understand it but its ment to be in English 

      @mwl4 hopefully you can make sence of this 

      iv made no changes since i installed the game 2 years ago and since the update today iv got no tab or chat and 2/3 mouse pointers and my spawn logs today are all Chinese and the odd one or 2 people are in English 

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