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  1. It would be good if you could add the window sat nav to the skoda, I've gotten so use to using that in my truck that when I go to use my skoda for whatever reason it's a habit to look there for it and it not be there but in the centre console. Additionally maybe extra lighting option for the skoda in line with that (Like additional rear facing LED's/Window LED's to remove the need for the horrible/outdated roof beacons)
  2. To be fair I think that the AFK timer should as you say be extended. Whether that be a patreon only thing or not (I'd say 15 mins, 20 at a push is plenty to go toilet, grab a drink/snack), however 60 minutes is far too long. If you like sitting at a rest place and watching the trucks then that is fine maybe after a few minutes take your truck to a different parking spot which in turn resets the afk countdown.
  3. Suggestion Name: Waze/Google Style Navigation System Suggestion Description: Essentially the idea would be to improve the existing navigation system with a few tweaks/additions. Increasing the distance that voice assistant tells you about turnings (Keep left, turn right etc etc) having the ability for players to add where speed cameras are (Or pre added by the dev team) Voice/Digital alert on when the speed limit changes to allow time to adjust your speed. Any example images: Attached Why should it be added?: I find myself driving along the roads and suddenly there is a speed change, as I am adjusting my speed I tend to hit a speed camera. A pre warning of the speed change and/or the speed camera would allow me to ensure I am within the limit and I am sure many other truckers have this issue also. Additionally as I am British I have all my speeds set to MPH however all the speeds in mainland europe are displayed in KMH which adds additional delay/confusion to the limits/ Thanks for reading
  4. Warbear


    What's the deal with cars? When I tried to join EU#1 it kicked me, do cars only work in EU#2 or is there a way of getting around it?
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