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  1. If you read the TMP update notes, you will find out all the C-D road map edits and TruckersMP HQ have been temporarily removed because they caused game crashes, they will need more time to update these for 1.44 and everything will be back as before eventually. Honestly, I don't even care, there is now Austria getting a lot of attention from players, and once SCS focuses on rebuilding Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg, this road will be gone for good.
  2. As many are already aware, update 1.44 contains couple of hidden features, not mentioned in the update notes, which can only be used with console commands or config modification. Two of these features - adaptive cruise control and emergency brake, are being kept hidden for a reason, SCS has not fully figured them out and may behave unexpectedly, so I was wondering if TMP allows using them, or forces to turn them off. Another neat new feature is ability to hide those glowing NFS style barriers, blocking off inaccessible roads (collision remains in place, they just turn invisible) - perfect for immersion and harmless to others, but use at your own risk and keep your eyes on the road and GPS, you will be responsible if something bad happens. Just type g_show_game_blockers 0 in the console or find that line in the config located in your profile folder and change variable from 1 to 0.
  3. If you are reffering to emergency brake and adaptive cruise control, these are not implemented in the game properly and remains a hidden buggy features. Until these are properly introduced I wouldn't recommend using them, there are no configurable controls for these functions as well and the only way to use them is through console commands or config modification.
  4. Not everyone, you can still bypass speed limit by using a gravity to your advantage.
  5. I gues you have created another account, and even if you never logged in with it when your original account was banned, you were breaking the rule §1.2. Creating multiple accounts is generally not against rules, but once one of them receives a ban, the system will probably mark them. At least that is my interpretation.
  6. I won't be quoting anyone, there's already rather lenghty ongoing discussion, those who have been contributing and reading responses will find themselves in my words. So, there are many claims that people can change, then specifically that "some" people can change, often saying this is based on personal experience. This is nothing but speculation, a subjective opinion, TMP staff, specifically the moderation management, won't share any relevant data about number of permanent bans being affected and how those who get this chance will eventually wind up, with the puplic. My subjective opinion is that the percentage of "some" will be rather low. It's not like majority of perma banned people were 5 years old that can't read, most were adult or almost adult at the time and knew exactly what they were doing (Why don't you check minimum age of criminal responsibility in Europe and USA, you may be shocked). This isn't about trolls, those are people who are bored or want to enact a vengeance against the system or something. If someone was outright banned permanentrly for trolling, the reason was §2.9 and they will remain banned for good. Undoubtly some were still banned for §2.8 and may return, but will be dealt with if they resume trolling, provided they will even bother coming back. Majority of the affected accounts will be people who used to have "fun" on the servers, playing "just a game" in their "different" way, until they were eventually removed from the community. Now they will be back and most will just be themselves, they have been waiting patiently for this. How long does it take for person to change? Is it a year, or two? Who can say? When I see there is an individual who is currently still banned becasue they got permanent ban just 2 months ago, how am I supposed to believe they have changed by now? Have they been playing singleplayer all this time, buying wheels or at leaat analog controllers which are 1000% better than keyboard, to improve their driving? I very much doubt that. What about those permanently banned more than year ago, they return clean as freshly fallen snow, no one year cooldown? What happened with "Road to Simulation"? What happened with "playing on TruckersMP servers is a privilege and not a right"? Don't forget to flush the toilet. Who, that value any semblance of simulation and respects the rules and other players like living and thinking beings, isn't already fed up or gone? Who will report offenders when the rest of these members leave? When I read the "Looking to the Future" article, I was like, this is some great news, I can't wait for this, but now, I'm not so sure after TMP makes a sudden U-turn in what they value more. Suddenly, I don't feel fit for this community anymore. I must say, the developers of TMP are frigging magicians in my eyes, they have been improving an holding this project up for so many years On another hand, being part of the moderation team is an ungrateful task, but up until now I have appreciated everything they have been doing. I really hope they know what they are doing and I am completely wrong.
  7. I find this very strange. First tightening the rules a few years back due to extreme load on the report system caused mostly by trolls and repeat offenders, which probably contributed to decrease in player count, among other factors. Then we get presented with the diagram showing the server activity steadily decreasing in the last year. And now this. So, you think they deserve another chance, after given many more before and blowing it over an over again? Anyone who has been banned due to history over a year ago will return with clean sheet and can start racking up bans again, no trial period, no public history, so that you know who you are dealing with. Fine by me, it will not be my duty to deal with them, should this turn into a flop. Sure, people can change, but I don't share your optimism, or maybe I am just too old to remember being young and stupid. What is considered "normal driving" is also subject of opinion and this opinion can be very variable among the communinty. My opinion is that there are many people still driving in a manner that I don't consider to be normal and this used to be far worse. I sincerely wish that you are doing the right thing, though I will likely not take part in this experiment and take a several months vacation from the servers voluntarily and I hope that another neat diagram next year will prove your point.
  8. These are the easter eggs of the "Happy Easter Egg Hunt!" event I have found so far, hinting upcoming content for ETS2.

    Have you found any more?




    Albania - Monument Valley themed top banner picture, poking from behind West Mitten Butte




    Serbia - picture of International 9900i loaded with wooden beams at the top of the website, vissible through the windshield




    Bosnia and Herzegovina - on the channel description, in the corner of ATS MONTANA DLC picture steam store link.




    North Macedonia - poking out from behind the top picture




    Croatia - second banner picture, behind the windshield of black International 9900i




    Kosovo - behind the windshield of yellow 2021 DAF on one of the banner pictures


  9. Not quite sure what's wrong with the 3rd pic
  10. Don't confuse infamy with fame.
  11. I see you have added some Promods accessories as well, but I will just pass on these, don't want game crash on me in singleplayer. I'd much rather see support for Promods Trailer and Company Pack some day.
  12. There's simply not any paintjob in the game to achieve the same results. If you try "Custom I" paintjob (II and III are essentially identical but with different colors preset) as suggested by @SlawkA R \\7// U \\8// S , you will find out that on standard SCS trailers that setup will also paint the rear doors, front wall accessories (toolbox or cooler), and only exclusive bumper is paintable, chassis of SCS trailers is permanently painted gray no matter what. If you do the same with Krone Cool Liner, you will get even worse result - roof and frame of the trailer will be painted as well. That's how SCS half-assed many paintjobs and that's why a lot of people use save editing to achieve something you would normally fix better and easier with mods, but mods only work in singleplayer. Unfortunatelly I can't help you with save editing, but you can check the Guides section.
  13. You can't achieve this with any standard or DLC paintjob, by the way this trailer alone requires Krone Trailer Pack DLC. It also can't be a mod, since that wouldn't work in TruckersMP, previously some modifications to standard paitjob used to work if you applied them in singleplayer, but I don't think those type of mods work anymore. The last remaining option - this is most likely save edited.
  14. Granite

    game sounds

    If you are looking to make the reverse beep sound quieter, game audio options allows to adjust volume of certain sounds independently of others. These audio settings are saved in config_local.cfg located in profile folder, so you can use different setting for each profile. You can experiment with these by muting everything but one setting, then drive around and see which sounds each of them affects. Your personal audio setting will be used wheter you are playing singleplayer or online on TMP servers. In case of reverse beep, you want to look for truck effects volume setting, which affects several sound effects: all of the sounds made by truck's pneumatic system (in short "pssss" sounds made by air brakes and transmission) retarder sounds horn and air horn sounds reverse beep sound sounds made by trruck when coupling with trailer
  15. White chocolate is chocolate to same extent as soy meat is a meat, it contains no traces of cocoa powder, thus no chocolate flavor whatsoever. Without titanium dioxide it would be called yellowish stick of cocoa fat. Truly, this poll doesn't need to exist, because one of the options is not comparable with other two
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