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  1. Please re-read my first post, it's just a short sentence that explains all of my concerns, I really have no idea what is selfish about my opinion of not wanting to download VTC skins, either directly through TMP or form other sources. Don't want to add anything more to this debate which you have started. Didn't even read last wall of text ot the end.
  2. So if someone disagrees with you they should not reply because you don't want criticism or negative response? This is just yet another egocentric suggestion about inclusion of third party mods to TruckersMP, none of which had been accepted so far, for reasons which I won't bother explaing. I don't care that others agree with yout, I gave my opinion, wether you like it or not is none of my concern, it's as valid as anyone's. And no, don't download mods, especially not skins that I don't want to use, so as long as I am not forced to download any VTC related content that I am not only not able to use, but also not even intrested to see in the game, fine, you can have that, otherwise, I am against it. Technical details, whether it's possible to work like that or not is none of my concern either since I don't care about VTCs .
  3. Individually not - I checked one of the workshop mods I have installed, the Celsineo skin for Krone Cool Liner, and it's about 10MB. Just 20 VTC skins, and TMP download goes up by 200MB. That's just one skin for one trailer, but there are tens of different trailers in the game, many VTCs would probably want to use more than one. Then they would also want truck skins and that would be even worse. And if downloading the skins was completely optional, like winter/summer mods, what purpose would they serve for promoting VTC, hardly anyone would bother downloading any but their own, and TMP would have to reinstate the replacement system which disappeared after SCS changed how DLC content is integrated into the game.
  4. Nah, I don't want to download hundreds of third party skins that I wouldn't even be allowed to use.
  5. Known bug and already fixed in WIP. https://promods.net/viewtopic.php?t=45230&start=10
  6. What a tragedy, surely I will be in a great company!
  7. Sorry, can't help, I'm playing completely different game. It was a mistake to even reply to this thread, disregard everything I've said as it's only applicable if your goal is efficiency and ease of use, nothing else. Goodbye.
  8. Maybe you should try it again then before saying something that simply isn't true, real automaticst works very well, it mimics real thing afterall, the game evolved a lot. With empty trailer, it will go 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, without trailer even like 5, 8, 10, 11 12. Depends on load and incline too, you absolutely need those low gears when you are heavy. There is also eco/normal/power setting you can choose from. Sequantial can also skip gears if smart setting is enabled, and switching between automatic and sequential can be done with a button, like in real trucks. Simple automatic is just wrong, that's GTA driving, also keyboard throttle is no good for automatic transmissions, becasue you are always giving 100% and it has a tendency to late shifting and downshifting as if you need more power, so maybe that's part of your problem, analog control is highly preferable. Sorry, was meant more like sarcasm, but I just don't consider your advice useful or wise, thank you very much.
  9. Yes, I can drive easily anywhere (not that I want to). Not so much can be said about others around me, who usually have a hard time coping with my driving, probably feeling extremely insecure becasue they have almost never seen anyone driving like that.
  10. Because they somehow thought that overlooking most of the offences somehow magically causes toxicity and hostility from their servers to disappear. They don't want to ban people, because they don't have that many players. They somehow frorgot that most people will do what they are allowed to do, so what is the only logical result of softening of the rules and punishments and further limiting of reports? If you guessed more toxicity and hostility, you were right. But them player numbers sure look pretty, right?
  11. This is not Need for Speed, highest price does not equal to highest speed or acceleration. You have picked pretty much the worst option for your expectations. I don't give you any more tips, sorry. What? Automatic chooses gears as needed and skips gears! All of the transmissions in ETS2 as well as ATS are AMT or true automatic, yes, those 6 or 7 speed transmissons can't even be manually operated in reality. Your suggestion is so lame it thinks reporting people in TMP is not a waste of time.
  12. So, what you say is that if I report someone who flipped my truck on its roof via in-game report somewhere where there's just me and the person I am reporting, my report is useless? But when 20 people report someone on C-D road, because they were "blocked" for 10 seconds by someone who they think to be driving too slowly, thus "blocking" them, that report should be dealt with priority? First you need to punish people who submit useless and fake reports, just like they are punished submitting useless web reports. Secondly, moderators should be present at all times, or nothing changes and multiple web reports will be submitted anyway. As far as I know, in-game reporting is not anonymous, but there's absolutely no consequence of submitting useless reports, it's just a few clicks and done. So, with your suggestion, I will have no choice, but to waste time with web report, because my in-game report will be guaranteed to time out, just because I am reporting alone, not matter if it's 100% valid reason. I don't know how else I can explain to you that there are always pros and cons to any solution, I know that your intentions are valid and I would like to see something like that implemented, just not with the current system, it has to be completely changed form scratch for this to work without severe cons, that I was trying to explain.
  13. Ok, let me try again. People had it in their mind, in-game reporting was someting like "call admin" button, and what you are suggesting makes it closer to that. You are basically suggesting to make in-game roport system exclusive to C-D road and VTCs, if someone alone reports someone in the middle of wasteland, screw their puny ass, the chance that their report will be reviewd has just been divided by zero. They will have to sacrifice one of their slots for web reports and wait a week or two, that will teach them for not joining the horde and enjoing everything TruckersMP has to offer. At least there is equality, however low the cances of reports being revievew, they are still equal no matter where it comes from, you want to make certain type of players privileged, while at the same time TMP is removing reporting rights from all players as collective punishment, regardless if you sumbmitted useless reports or not, becasue TMP was unable to deal with those people, by removing their reporting rights. I have sumbmitted more than 1000 web reports over the span of more than 7 years, out of those 889 accepted and 161 declined, back in the day if you submitted report against already banned player your report was automatically marked as declined, but with positive score if it was valid, hence that number is severely skewed. My report limit was over 200, but I never really needed more than 20, all that is now gone and I have no more desire to waste my time with web reports, because firstly, I feel like I am being a nuisance here, and secondly, punishments are a joke and make no difference. Now with this suggestion implemented, using in-game report system will be entirely pointlesss for me.
  14. Why make it easier, when you can make it miserable, the nuisance they are, screw them all!
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