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  1. Thank you so much that was so helpful
  2. I want to add launch option to skip intro is there any alternate way to do that? Where can i add launch options if possible, because i remember in the previous iterations of ETS2MP it was possible Thank you in advance
  3. Hello Hello. I'm from India. From Bengaluru My Steam ID nikolo124
  4. Hello, I have just downloaded the new patch for the multiplayer modification and i have come across a problem, When i try to sign in with the forum username and password it says invalid id and password if i try to signup the game just hangs but i doesn't crash or close does anyone have the same problem?
  5. **This is a Thank You thread for everyone who would like to show there gratitude and appreciation towards the Team** Okay, I would like to thank the whole team, I mean everyone *Administrator *Moderators *Game Administrator *Developers Everyone who belongs to the ETS2MP Team Thank You for the all new forum its simply spectacular, I like it, I suppose everyone else does. And thank You for your hard work towards the update you people are working on Cheers
  6. I think the save game might work, And I heard there is gonna be a login system in ETS2MP, Is that true ?
  7. Yeah man i want the MP update to be out quickly as possible because i hardly see people in the servers nowadays
  8. Oh Thank God, I am happy that you guys are gonna work on it and release it quickly! Cheers
  9. Okay i just received another update form SCS it was the 1.14.2 VERSION, So was the MP Team waiting for this patch to release the next multiplayer? Cheers
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