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    And it is still cheaper that way then most addons for other hardcore simulations on which you could pay a lot more for just one vehicle.
  2. I only wrote about the jobs which gets generated and if those would leave outside of scandinavia that would be a bug. That people may think that Denmark is not part of scandinavia...i cant blame people for their inability to read stuff ....;)
  3. if you get a job with doubles which leads outside of scandinavia.....then that is a bug, as those loads should only create jobs inside of scandinavia.
  4. The added trucks in ats are distributed as dlcs......
  5. Yeah...it might not be bannable by the "rules" but always depends on who sees/works on it. (different people might have different opinions on something and may handle it differently) If everything in the Internet/real world would only be punished 100% by existing written rules then some things would never be punished...or some weired stuff which is some us laws would be enforced even if they knew that it is totaly nonsense.....^^
  6. But you usually know where you have saved either yourself with the quicksave...or can approximatly say where you might have been at the autosave.... And btw. i read here a lot that it is not bannable since it is not written in the rules........you guys do know that just because it is not written there, does not mean that you cant get banned for it?
  7. Only works if sleeping in the mp mod works. No idea when it started for me (as i rarely play the mp mod) but at some time i never got any jobs created in the normal job market anymore.
  8. Wolfpig

    Heavy Cargo

    That would only work if a empty trailermodel is in the basegame files. For the High Power DLC the MP guys could only do that as there is such a trailer model in the game. For the Heavy trailers such thing probably wont exist, as scs does not include such trailers in traffic/scenery.
  9. How many people who play this game would be freelance truckers or have a company for which they could buy a truck? Probably not so many, so the advertising aspect is not that high And if a trucker/company buys trucks they probably look at stuff which can't advertised by a game that good, like fuel efficiency, comfort of the driver cabin (maybe)..etc. And most of them probably will buy a truck of the brand they already have/from the reseller which they are a customer on for years.
  10. Not really...there are roads in real life too on which you are not allowed to drive with trucks (or would never do that as it would be idiotic)...so why not add such things into the game too....
  11. Tested fanaleds out a few weeks ago, deinstalled it after 3 hours. 1. during playing at some point someting wiered happend (aka, my wheel did not work correctly anymore...guess it was due the pluging...or something else...at least never had happening again) 2. The leds worked...but only when the trucks rpm reached the red area As the other functions which fanaleds may provide for some games did not work for ets2 too (like using the leds as indicator for cruise controll etc.) uninstalled it.
  12. Wolfpig

    Minimum Speed

    And i have no idea what you meant with that either....so we should be on the same page....;) Besides, i only posted that as i encounter often enough (when i play every now & then) people who do the said thing.
  13. Wolfpig

    Minimum Speed

    I purposely ignore people who think that it is a good idea to flash one from behind to signal their overtake. They just should do it....at least i see them usually in my side mirror and know that they are overtaking me.....so no need to do not needed stuff. Besides....if you do that in real life while it is bright day out there, how high would be the chances to see the flashing from behind in the mirror? At least here it is allowed to use highways if you vehicle can drive faster than 60 km/h...which does not mean that you should drive that but it would not be not allowed if the traffic would not get disturbed by it. If they have a minimum Speed limit at certain areas, there are usually the traffic signs there which tell you that.
  14. Wolfpig

    Minimum Speed

    Why? If someone overtakes one without getting sure that it is safe to do that (like overtaking on hills, shortly before some bendings) then it is only his fault.
  15. If that dlc behaves as others you might not want to use it, as it might crash other people and when that happens it could be you who get banned for that.
  16. Are you driving with automatic transmission? If so you can get your truck up there with temporarly switching to manual (there is even a function in the game where you can bind a key for switching that) as you can choose the gear you want to use yourself. Had to do that myself once, as the auto transmission tries a too low gear at that point (or one in which it can't keep at a good rpm for that)
  17. Which parking location in the game needs you to drive up a hill? Besides of some small one in the mines?
  18. If they would enable that Feature in the mp then the fun to watch others to park their trailer for half an hour would be gone........
  19. You forget one important point.......WoT Contracts have nothing to do with the MP Mod in general, and most players of the game should still be outside of this mod....so why would scs care for people here
  20. atm it has to be in singleplayer as the mp does not support patch 1.24 yet.......and i would do that jobs more or less right now if i where you, as the offer with getting it free only last untl Wendsday....and i doubt that the patch for mp will be out by then
  21. Yes you can. No idea if you have played the latest version of the game yet, but they changed the way contracts work, and are no showing jobs to take in a radius of (no idea how much km) your own position, not anymore from the last city you delivered too.
  22. How would the few people who make the skin dlcs would help in making maps, as they are graphic artist, not 3d Modeler or Developers. And there is a reason why some people can make mods with a map in a few weeks.....mainly because the 3D artists at scs made the models which are in the game, and most of the mod (Map) makers only have to copy & paste the stuff around the map, and not build everything from scratch (including making the prefabs, textures, etc.). And keep in mind that a company does not completly only is made of developers for one area, the most usually have different parts for which they got hired......and of course more people working on one thing does not mean that it gets finished faster, as the workload for checking/merging the content will take longer.
  23. So....nothing change to before that update.....^^ BTW: Im just asking as i did not see it in the changelog (and just play the mod occassionaly), are the free rocket league accessoires supported by the mod?
  24. Maybe you should read the posted/copied text again....especially that line " It's a lot of work, but it doesn't fundamentally interfere with any other area of development"
  25. Du kannst die ID des Spielers auch finden (wenn du nicht mehr im Spiel bist) in dem du die log datei (log spawning ist das glaube ich, zu finden im ATS/ETS MP Ordner in den eigenen dateien) nach dem Namen des Spielers durchsuchst, dort steht die dann auch dabei.
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