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  1. I only wrote about the jobs which gets generated and if those would leave outside of scandinavia that would be a bug. That people may think that Denmark is not part of scandinavia...i cant blame people for their inability to read stuff ....;)
  2. if you get a job with doubles which leads outside of scandinavia.....then that is a bug, as those loads should only create jobs inside of scandinavia.
  3. The added trucks in ats are distributed as dlcs......
  4. So....nothing change to before that update.....^^ BTW: Im just asking as i did not see it in the changelog (and just play the mod occassionaly), are the free rocket league accessoires supported by the mod?
  5. Wolfpig

    ATS MP

    Aus dem Grund sollte man für die MP Mod, egal ob jetzt für ETS2 oder ATS ein Profil (oder Extra Savegame) fahren in dem man keine Angestellten etc. hat. Man hat ja schließlich im MP keinen Zeitdruck oder großartig Probleme Geld einzufahren dank der gestreckten Zeit gegenüber dem SP.
  6. Wolfpig

    ATS MP

    Aber da muss man auch vorher an der Ampel anhalten und schauen das kein Verkehr kommt bevor man das darf.
  7. Probably the Christmas Stuff for the Accessoire DLC which came with the Christmas/Winter SKin DLC Packs
  8. Not necessarily, as far as i know the keys for Win 7 (Win 8 im not sure) can be used for either 32 or 64 bit Version of the os.
  9. Lets try it that way. Without SSL = The login can be seen by everyone = equals to a not locked car With SSL = Only the reciever (in this case the server) can see your login = equals to a car which is locked
  10. I think that was one of the performacen improvements measures from scs, the same with the grass spawning (but that seems to be fixed/changed back in 1.18)
  11. Open up your config.cfg and change the value there to something you like "uset r_mirror_view_distance "500"" (i set it for myself to 500)
  12. The newest Version of raprt has an (simple?) edit function implemented. Not used it so i cant say more to it.
  13. For people who use AMD Cards i would recommend the raprt/amd gaming evolved client for recording. I usually used that too....atm i do not use it cause for some reason it crashes the game/MP Mod with recording enabled after 20-30 Minutes most of the time for me. No idea if it is caused by the mod, or raptr.
  14. Is the Viking Gods Paintkob DLC supported too, or not? Just asking cause it is not mentioned in the first post and before people complain again about crashing games when people with that come near them......
  15. Even people wo say that they can control a truck at that speeds can only do that on straight roads...everywhere else they tend to go onto the incoming lane. But that does not matter much for me since most of the time the mod crashes in the middle of playing for no apparend reason.....but maybe that got fixed too...
  16. Are there still countrys in which it is allowed to use a phone while driving?
  17. Thanks for the answer....wonder why no one else asked that...such a thing should be (even for a voluntary position) one of the minimum informations one should ask before applying for something.
  18. Question: Do you want the people who apply for it to do the job for a certain time a day (for example, you have to do at least 2 hours of support work a day), or is it more a work as it comes thing but at least look once a day into it to see if something is there?
  19. Maybe related, maybe not ( so i do not open a new thread for it...if admins see it different, they can split this post into a seperate thread) Mod Version: Version 0.1.4 R2 Controllers Used: Yes Description of Issue: Traffic light red (think it was in duisburg) How to reproduce: ?? (video may take some time until yt has finished it)
  20. Large Truck Dealer in Stuttgart has no no collision zone too.....(and probably the others don't have them either)
  21. As far as i know the DLC got to the beta testers around this time last week. Would be a bit short to test it for bugs, fix them and get a retailrelease of it out by that date
  22. That does not matter, since the game can only use around 3 GB of ram (or whatever the normal limitation for 32bit programs are). The last two times i played i had crashes too....but no idea why, since it was already on the road for some time, and no one was there/one person got into the same space....so i on't know if the other person caused it or something else......unfortunaltyy no crashlogs where created...
  23. I hope you guys know that the winter mod download is totaly optional and you don't have to use it?
  24. You must read by yourself, that is not something someone else in here can do for you. Or did you already forgot what your question was?
  25. http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=316811#p316811 That should give you your answer.
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