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  1. The purpose of this question is to provide checks and balances in terms of what TruckersMP is doing to handle emotionally sensitive matters, such as the bereavement of current or former team members, as people experience grief in different ways when someone they know and love has passed away. Background to this question Back in the start of January 2022, former TruckersMP staff member Sanamaria passed away, which was confirmed in several status updates on their profile as well as in discussions about this matter on the TruckersMP Discord. Our wishes and condolences go out to her family and closest friends at this time. Question Now that there is a precedent with regards to the death of a former team member, I have decided to ask the following questions, to see whether there is an established process within TruckersMP on managing the deaths of former, or currently serving TruckersMP staff. 1. How would the bereavement of a team member, current, or former, be managed within both the TruckersMP staff, as well as within the wider TruckersMP community? 2. How could TruckersMP better support the family members, as well as those who were very close to the deceased team member? 3. How can the TruckersMP accounts of deceased members be managed appropriately to minimise unauthorised access?
  2. I would say that the Haulie mascot is one of the most iconic symbols of TruckersMP, as it helps to bring everyone together in trucking-related discussions across the TruckersMP services, and I hope that in the future there will be more uses of the mascot, particularly in the in-game and media/animation aspects.
  3. With regards to the update, I do actually like the overhaul of the TruckersMP settings to make it easier to configure the client, and I also think that the modification of the draw distance mechanism is a much needed change, particularly for those in the media team, as it opens up the opportunity for people who are interested in media to do all sorts of cool effects that can't be done before. But I honestly do not understand the logic behind the complaints regarding local mods that run on executables? As CJ explains differently, TruckersMP uses secure software development methods as part of implementing their client, so you can't allow executable files that come from untrusted sources to run, otherwise the client's code will be more vulnerable to attack by an unauthorised user looking to run an exploit. Do you not understand that any cyber-security breaches can have a negative impact on TruckersMP's reputation? Therefore, it's not possible to implement everything that involves executables by "just judging the book's cover".
  4. I hope to use the Job Dispatcher more frequently alongside the normal freight market jobs as it is not only useful for syncing your jobs with friends, but it also opens up greater autonomy to experiment with new routes and cargo types as it allows me to generate loads to places which are hard to find in the normal freight market list.
  5. Hey guys! I've just recorded 1000 hours of playtime on ETS2, and to celebrate the moment, I decided to go to a big city, in this case Malmo in southern Sweden. It's taken me nearly 7 years to achieve this milestone, and so I would like to thank everyone in the community for making this possible. 



  6. I would like to come on here and thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday today! It's been a difficult year with many twists and turns, but I am looking forward to finishing my degree course next year. And hopefully return to the team someday...

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Happy B-Day! 

    2. GPRO - øAlmeida

      GPRO - øAlmeida

      We understand Positive! Enjoy your day. ??

  7. Happy Birthday ?


    Only the best in your life! ?

    Enjoy your day



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