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  1. I have tested for now and it works good. It is funny when you drive with 80/90 in the city und the mod reduce the speed to 60 By reading the wiki article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_limits_by_country) I have noticed the max speed for trucks in France: 60 -110, so imagine you connect everytime on servers in france and your world will be very well
  2. Thank you for the update, guys! Happy Trucking at all
  3. I do not understand the excitement about disabled Speedlimit. It is more comfortable to drive quickly, also depending on which road you driving you not able to drive everytime with 120km/h. Stop whining now and have fun with the game
  4. It seems that game crushes on service station?! I could drive for a long period (Glasgow to Lille) without problems, have only noticed that traffic lights are not everywhere synced. After I reached my Destination it crushes as I was on Service Station.
  5. Peacewood


    37 yo and you can call me Daddy ..
  6. Worauf beziehst du dich? Man sollte nicht vergessen, dass die Mehrheit der User das Spiel bzw. die Mod mit einer gewissen Ernsthaftigkeit angehen. Diese Mehrheit fährt vernünftig, ist Spurtreu, hält an Ampeln, lässt anderen die Vorfahrt, beteiligt sich in der Community und so weiter. Die, die trollen, auf Admins los gehen und anderweitig nerven ist ein geringer Teil, denen man keine Beachtung schenken darf. Und entschuldigen musst du dich für nichts. Hier ist Smalltalk angesagt Wünsche der Deutschen Community zudem einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.
  7. Sollte es in 10 Jahren WTS geben, möchte ich die RoadTrains (für Australien) dabei haben Gab es schließlich schon mal von SCS (18 WoT / Extreme Trucker 2)
  8. Arbeitet nicht SCS an einer Lösung, um Doppelzüge zu realisieren? Ich meine es in deren Blog gelesen zu haben, dass die am tüfteln sind, wie man die Trailer getrennt voneinander parkt. Vielleicht sollte die sich an die MP Devs wenden
  9. Peacewood


    In such cases I would ramm both to get road free and I doesn't care if admin will kick me for that!
  10. For me it's also annoying but I understand the reason. Before Collision turned on you have seen many drivers who "parking" on highway crossways or on other not typical parking places. Now you have 15 Minutes to do what you want to do in your Idle Time. Imagine, the half of the players would be the whole day at AFK. A reconnect would a good idea, but as the admins says:
  11. On Extreme Trucker 2 by SCS you will find more realistic Iced Map or the Yunga Road in Bolivia. Maybe SCS could built it in ETS/ATS/WTS?
  12. The "Special Effects" on this Wintermod is quite the Best. Snow in the Tunnel. Sun in the Dark. But I miss realistic effects like slipping when you brake or something like that.
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