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  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy your new age. :kappa:

  2. yeah my problem is fixed now. Thanks! i hope they fix that bug
  3. Guys i understand! and i hope they fix it soon My question is now, how can i cancell that job so i dont get kicked everytime i log in?
  4. But when will update come? cuz everytime i log in, i get kicked. Yeah i got that red text soon as picked a trailer
  5. From no where i get this red text and getting kicked. Whats wrong?
  6. Hevar

    own cargo

    How do i do mission with my own trailer that i bought ?
  7. Hevar Released

    please add special transport DLC
  8. Hevar Released

    bruh.....still no support for special heavy transport?
  9. Hevar Released

    When will it support special transport DLC? That would be dope!
  10. Hevar Released

    Ohh this makes me sad, i was so ready to buy this DLC for this mod. At least add those heavy loads, we dont need those escort thing. just those big trailers
  11. Hevar Released

    When will it support the brand new DLC? special transport?
  12. Hey, The thing i must do this every time and sometimes twice in a day. And the time is just stuck and is not running. Its annyoing to do '' Open a file called "config" - To do this Right click --> "Open With" then select "Notepad" as the preferred application Change the "0" to a '' everyday and sometimes twice in a week just to get all job listed in freight market world map. How do i do file repair? Maybe that thing can fix it, because i dont want to do this economy reset everday. Also i dont know why my time is stuck and why sleeping cant fix it or fast travel? It worked fine before
  13. Hey there, My character time has stopped and sleep doesn't help either fast traveling. I must always do economy rest from 0 to 1 and sometimes i must do it twice in a day because the cargo list on world map doesn't show up and all my DLC. I even fired all drivers in my company for hope to make it work but still not working abd i also sold some trucks and still not working. The time is just stuck, it worked before and i sont know why its stuck now and its annyoing to do economy rest twice in day just to get all my heavy cargo DLC and make all jobs show up in the freight market Someone helped me with this before i dont remember his name but i think his namr was 'FlyingDutch'' i hope he is still admin on ETS2Mp so he can help me again
  14. I got many garage and some of them got like 2-3 trucks with drivers and some garage got only one driver and one rruck.
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