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  1. Released

    There has been another patch for 100mb on steam, so the multiplayer isn't working anymore.
  2. Air Horn

    Not sure if you were asking me or just talking in general, but yeah that's one of the problem. For some reason if you want to have air horn you can't have this roof deflector (you get the message that it will be removed if you want to mount air horn). And sadly this problem is still not resolved.
  3. Air Horn

    Thank you, I couldn't write it better myself. I guess just too many players doesn't know about this issue, because quite a lot players who passed me were honking at me but sadly I couldn't hear their horn because of this problem.
  4. Air Horn

    The problem is because you can still hear your air horn despite not having it. That's why is bothering me when other players can't hear it but you can. So it would be nice that everyone could hear it.
  5. Air Horn

    Hi! I apologize if this is not the right topic for this issue. I have noticed that if you have a roof deflector on your truck, other players can't hear your air horn, but they can still see the horn icon next to your nickname. I assume this is synchronization problem and I'm hoping that you can fix that. Sincerely, teidy
  6. ATS MP Job Sync

    Here you go https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/21800-ets2sync-synchronize-jobs-with-other-players/?p=236019
  7. ATS money glithc

    You need to hire a driver in SP and then you go to MP and you need to press F7 and enter to reset your jobs. That's how I got 2 millions dollars. But I'm not sure if this work for every driver you hire in SP.
  8. ATS money glithc

    Yes yes, I know this I was just trying to ask if they will bring like 2 millions within few days But now I see that they probably won't so that's fine with me. I just don't like to get so much money at the beginning that's all.
  9. ATS money glithc

    Well I have 2 save games,I will try that with fire my driver. But do you know if I hire a new one in MP do they level up that quick too?
  10. ATS money glithc

    I don't know if this is glitch at all, but when I started to play ATS MP for the first time I had no jobs, so I had to press F7 and enter to reset it and suddenly I got almost 2 millions dollars. I only have 1 worker and that worker suddenly leveled up to level 10. I would prefer to not have that money because it's feel likes I didn't earn it by myself. So I'm just posting this here if this is some kind of error in MP or they purposely intended to do that so that every player would have an easy start.
  11. Two different convoys.