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  1. Suggestion Name: Company names on trucks and trailers for online playing Suggestion Description: A good add on would be let the trucking company be able to run like company names on trucks and trailer. Any example images: none Why should it be added? I believe it would be good to add because with the game being so big lot of drivers are getting into whole company deal as like real life basic trucking company etc being apart of company allowing their company names on trucks and trailer would be nice also shows other drivers about company and would like to join in their company take role of ats and ets driving game to the next level. it be nice have displayed on side of own able trailers also rear of the trailers a lot of people get together on discord and drive together taking loads to same towns/city like company etc be very nice add on sure lot others would prolly agree it be nice thing see at some point in time...
  2. LiftedSilverado

    Your Survival Guide to American Traffic Laws/Signs

    notice lot drivers fail use turn signal when switching lanes on highway or turning from off ramp left or right. lot people running red lights bad deal when you have green and go next thing get smack by truck or car because someone failed stop at red or stop sign.
  3. LiftedSilverado

    need some help

    need some help i bought the game off steam few days ago i was able to play like 5 second online before i had get off do some cleaning around the house next day i got on and when i connect to United States sever it and go to drive it says offline at the top right corner ?? same thing for my friend he got the game on his computer and tried to connect happens to him also... we can get in on south America sever but get kicked for high ping.