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  1. I particularly hang up on the radio itself.
  2. Greetings everyone. Well in relation to advertising, I think it could be from the TMP itself, and in relation to the VTCs I suggest that for the VTCs that are on the VTC page on the TMP site, the automatic tag in Mod TMP wins, as is already done with Nickname
  3. This latest update my ETS2 1.36 no longer enters MP
  4. Good if TMP uses the new SDK and block in the game the option to turn off infractions this already may be a reality.
  5. Hello, how are you!
    Does it seem like a partner company (VIVA) needs what is impossible?



    CEO: FOX Transporte & Logística™

  6. Rather than simulation of fatigue, why not suggest for simulation of truth the server Europe 1, totally simulated, I suggest that TruckesMP team that elaborates a system of punctuation like a Qualification with a limit of points, for traffic infractions like Traffic lights, and add traffic (Ai) in case accidents crash in their score spirando it is impossible to return to the server until the same pass a period of absence, and curb the actual consumption of the game, and classification of the drivers to use trucks with engines but strong and start with lower cylindres, if you have penalty go lower the possibility of using larger trucks
  7. Simple, to use to the companies of the game, there would be made a register of a leader in the forum that would assume the company and the players would be able to enter the company, EXAMPLE to (Lkw) a player could only adopt a company in a city and watch his (LKW - RO) Romania or (LKW RUS) that would be Russia the only thing that would be LKW. added to the MP would be the SKINs of the company and in the TAG we would put the name and the country of the simple group thus, some examples https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=702267494&searchtext=Paintjobs+company https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705491080&searchtext=Paintjobs+company https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=711365503&searchtext=Paintjobs+company https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724416111&searchtext=Paintjobs+company https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=874994355&searchtext=Paintjobs+company
  8. Existe possibilidade de como pegar a potencia dos motores para os caminhões para app externos, motivo muita gente usando alteração de motor para atingir velocidades extremas..
  9. http://www.etsfs.com/trucktravel/
  10. ATS updated, Active events, waiting for MP to update
  11. Greetings from Brazil!

    And am happy to report to his knowledge that the Company FOX Transportation & Logistics there is more than 3 years in Brazil and not for this reason we would importune your company by taking the name FOX, then I as majority owner do not see why could not no other emprasa with the same original name, we will always be on the roads of Europe as always our company and modest but we are well united, have legal registration in Brazil and even so we would handle your business, then be happy with your cOMPANY.

    ASS: FOX TL Márcio owner ..


  12. Fox Haluage Losgistics FHL is My company aswell i believe this is copyright

    1. Penguin


      Copyright does not protect against names, Trademarking does. This you need to register and pay a fee for. There is a company called David Fox Transport, so maybe they should sue you under the same principles? It's a game, just enjoy it - Maybe work together and team up? :)

  13. Suggestion Name:BUSINESS SYSTEM WITH "Telemetry Sugestão Descrição: In Brazil as elsewhere in the world, and the "ETS2" "ATS" we want this a lot in multiplayer, well this is possible with the existing telemetry system, there are already several websites companies use to record his travels in Brazil we have the site ETSFS (www.etsfs.com) that brings together all of the company to record their travels but not fuciona as in other countries, the telemetry records truck speed ton of cargo, vehicle damage and cargo, truck model, load value, engine speed, and all that can be implemented in multiplayer, we have an application in java that shows in real time the speed of adistencia caminhãoe that it will runs, and the developer has limited the speed in the application to that case the driver over the road limit or speed estimated by the application have discounts as fines, which would like to propose is that being in multiplayer mode would be very good for companies registrasem as a company on a site in Truckesmp and it put the name your company like the ETSFS site and it be recorded all trips of drivers as the values of loads distance traveled discounts of damage to the freight and a monthly ranking of the richest companies and but the consumption of drivers example of site VTM (http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/ Quaisquer imagens de exemplo: http://www.etsfs.com/eurotruck/detalheViagem.php?cv=58730 http://www.etsfs.com/eurotruck/relatorioViagem.php?cv=1111968403 http://www.etsfs.com/mapa/?cv=1111968403 Por que deveria ser adicionado ? With this implementation would most attractive multiplayer and define the question companies in the games.
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