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  1. Feliz Aniversário or Happy Birthday, @TFM_MatthewSK! ??


  2. Parabéns Louco. Feliz Aniversário.;)

  3. Bom, Caminhao acho meio dificil, mais acessórios basico/intermediario/raros seria bem bacana,
  4. I wish you all a happy new year:D

  5. §2.13 Excessive Save Editing / Using Unsupported Mods Using unsupported mods that cause game crashes. Modifying your vehicle to include car parts on your truck or truck parts on your car. This includes paint jobs. Adding an excessive amount of beacons, lights, bullbars, horns, or similar to your truck and also includes any large horns or beacons on your bullbar or front bar. When editing a truck, trailer, or other content through save editing, you must follow the Mod Guidelines. No more beacons than allowed by the game by default, no changing the vehicles hitbox, no beacons on bullbars/bumpers or similar. Your vehicle must be functional. Only one full-length trailer is allowed. The 0-ton trailer mod is not allowed since it looks like speedhack.
  6. Ok let's go there You can even turn on all the headlights read please
  7. is a convoy organized by the company GROFR, 360º in the sense of saying that he will make the return on the whole map during day 15,16,17
  8. Delete the launcher and download it again. Run Launcher as administrator. Make sure there is not a problem with your net.
  9. You can try to modify def \ editor_data.sii at the top of the file is this bit - "SiiNunit { editor_data: .edit_data { autosave_interval: 15 " Try first with "autosave_interval: 0" If that does not work, try "autosave_interval: 99" good luck:)
  10. Could you upload an image or video of the error?
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