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  1. Pereira-153 Released

    congratulations! very good to update.
  2. Pereira-153

    Forum Authentication Update

    I made a comment here earlier in this post, I was the first one I commented I wanted to know why they deleted my comment, are you censoring comments?
  3. Where I find dual and triple mods for the American Truck that runs on version 1.31, I've already searched and did not find it.
  4. Pereira-153

    Where I find dual and triple mods for the American Truck?

    Yes, ats and different from ets, has few custom mods. thank you
  5. Pereira-153

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    I tested and approved very well, already put the double trailer and drove between calais and duisburg.
  6. Pereira-153

    Erro - Euro truck

    Sometimes when im entering game i see that: https://ibb.co/eoMzKv
  7. Congratulations on the achievement.:check:

  8. Congratulations :mlg_doge:

  9. Heavy traffic in Operation Big Sur, American Truck Simulator

    trafico jam.png

    1. David Edson

      David Edson

      Aba anônima  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

    2. Pereira-153
  10. congestion in santa cruz, American Truck Simulator

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      yeah enjoy the party in ATS :D 

  11. Happy Birthday!  

    1. MrCipr


      Thank you ;) 

  12. Pereira-153

    Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Happy Birthday! God grant you many years of life.
  13. Calais - Duisburg (Road) - Congested (538) players                                                        


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    2. Positivetrucking168


      ^ I don't think that will happen - SCS might rebuild the German part of the road to motorway standards as well as the area around Duisburg as part of the base map rework, but that won't take place in real-time. 

    3. IpilkAlaus


      Can't wait to see how that affects the Multiplayer. We might be seeing C-D road's last weeks.

    4. Twilight_Sparkle


      They should rework that junction and upgrade that part of the road to a dual carriageway.

      That would fix many problems.

  14. I tried to get the Mobile barrier trailer, and fatal error, in offline and online fatal error not to using any mod. Game crashed - FATAL ERROR An aaplication fatal error! Do you want to crash.log file to developers? internet picture https://prnt.sc/hdf053
  15. Pereira-153

    32/64 bit

    Only works on 64bit.