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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday! I wish you a pleasant game!

    1. aesthxwolf


      Happy Birthday

  3. Staff only convoy? Prepare for rampage on the roads...
  4. I like being a part of a company. The multiplayer roads can be long and lonely, having company convoys make everything much more enjoyable. Plus - if you dislike the company structure/process, just leave. You're not tied in to it or forced into anything, so give it a try and see what you think.
  5. -1. Anyone can drive to a destination, the challenging part is the parking. I remember my friends first attempt at reversing, it took him over 20 minutes to park - but once he did it he felt very accomplished and proud.
  6. I highly recommend you record/stream when you play, either using Fraps or OBS. Then you can submit a report via the website with video evidence, which will almost guarantee the offenders get a ban. Alternatively, give Name's Europort Survival guide thread a read.
  7. I had the same loading issue earlier today. Restarting my computer fixed my problem, so I would suggest trying that if you haven't already.
  8. If EU2 is still down later this afternoon, we might see EU1 being full.
  9. Update: Seems the wheel is broke. I'm sending it back and getting a refund, and I'll buy a Logitech DFGT instead. Thanks to those that helped.
  10. Creating a company is pretty easy. On the MyVTC homepage, click 'Create new company'. Then fill out the registration form and wait for it to be accepted - you will then be emailed login information, which gives you access to the panel. From the panel you can add drivers, modify the look of the panel, etc. However to advertise your company on these forums, you will need to fulfill the following requirements. You can recruit players in-game or on the MyVTC forums though. Good luck with your company!
  11. Beginning to look that way! All buttons and the shift up/down work fine, so I would expect the wheel would too. I emailed Thrustmaster support to see what they say. Will update with any new info....
  12. Hmm, the only difference is that his says "Joy X Axis" for wheel - and mine says "Joy Wheel Axis". I don't see an option to change it either. But I'm also doubtful it would work as turning doesn't register with the device control panel itself. I really appreciate the advice/help so far by the way.
  13. Yep, even uninstalled and reinstalled to make sure it wasn't a driver issue.
  14. Yep, and I make sure its set to PC before plugging it in like manual suggests.
  15. When I first plug it in it's red, after editing it so the pedals are combined - it goes green.
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