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  1. Stricter enforcement of convoys would be nice, but I don't think there's the man power to actually enforce it. =/
  2. ^ For sure. I'd love to be able to customize the trailer a bit more.
  3. This happened with mine too! I put some card underneath the "vices" that hold the wheel to my desk, and it doesn't wobble at all now. Although if I pull it fairly hard it'll come away from the desk...
  4. I used a keyboard at the start, but the downsides was very harsh braking. Then I 'upgraded' to a controller, where there was a huge difference (gave me more control over steering I felt), but breaking was still a bit harsh. Now with a steering wheel and pedals, it's amazing. Once you've tried it on a steering wheel you won't want to go back
  5. WiKi_KiKi


    I like being a part of a company. The multiplayer roads can be long and lonely, having company convoys make everything much more enjoyable. Plus - if you dislike the company structure/process, just leave. You're not tied in to it or forced into anything, so give it a try and see what you think.
  6. I prefer Twitch. I hate the Google+ integration with YouTube Gaming... and the emotes are rubbish.
  7. WiKi_KiKi

    Trailer Shunting

    -1. Anyone can drive to a destination, the challenging part is the parking. I remember my friends first attempt at reversing, it took him over 20 minutes to park - but once he did it he felt very accomplished and proud.
  8. I'm a huge fan of the GPS changes. The World of Trucks screenshots addition is also a neat touch.
  9. Not on every traffic light there isn't. My closest cities only have a few, however I imagine in London or Manchester there would be lots more. I've never had someone run into me, and I wait at lights and go on green. As for you not wanting to use OBS, that's your call. I'm quite happy to record my trips just in case something bad happens
  10. But that is how it works in real life. If you run a red light and nobody see's/no accident is caused, then you wont be punished. However if you run a red light and cause an accident or there's police nearby, you'll be punished. The rules are fine IMO, just record using OBS if you are paranoid about being hit by a red runner.
  11. What sort of ping/lag do you get on the Asia server? I imagine you get 300+ to European servers.
  12. I played with an Xbox controller before getting a Logitech DFGT, and it's so much better with a steering wheel and pedals. You won't regret getting it, it adds to the experience and makes it so much more enjoyable.
  13. I highly recommend you record/stream when you play, either using Fraps or OBS. Then you can submit a report via the website with video evidence, which will almost guarantee the offenders get a ban. Alternatively, give Name's Europort Survival guide thread a read.
  14. The DAF and Iveco have very pretty faces in my opinion, just a shame their engines make people avoid them. However, I hate seeing people put massive bullbars at the front of their trucks, they're good lucking - don't ruin it with a bullbar that takes up the whole front or adding a million lights!
  15. I had the same loading issue earlier today. Restarting my computer fixed my problem, so I would suggest trying that if you haven't already.
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