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  1. Will the CC vans ever be made available for public use?

  2. Anyone else stuck in an update loop? Says I need to install a system update, I install it but then it needs installing again...

  3. I see what you mean now looking back at it - they certainly seem to be going very quickly if they'd just been glitched in. It is quite interesting one got banned and not the other - in first and second videos they're both doing the same thing, in the same direction, at the same speed, so it's odd only one got banned.
  4. Hi, I think with the first two, it's possible that the users may have been glitched into that area just past the barriers, and are trying to find a way to free themselves. If they'd deliberately driven in there, I think it would be different and worthy of a ban. With the third clip, that's a bit different, as they were on the grass rather than beside a barrier, but they could probably argue they had to swerve there to avoid the incident which had occurred in front of you and were just getting back on the road.
  5. PorscheGT3

    Why wouldn't SCS want to work with TruckersMP?

    It wouldn't make any sense for SCS to partner with TMP from a financial view - SCS benefit from the sale of the game and DLC's to people who play it, or are interested in playing it, whether they are involved in the mod or not. It's also debatable how many people who buy ETS2 actually play TMP - according to steamcharts, between 36,000 and 37,000 ets2 players are online at the moment, yet of that only 8,000 are playing on TMP.
  6. Just got beyond the Baltic sea, where are the busiest places?

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    2. PorscheGT3
    3. Dziada


      Kaliningrad. It's quite busy. When you go north from there and hit the border control, you can get a queue of quite a few people sometimes. But people stand in line and wait their turn so everything goes smoothly.

    4. Zischpeng


      Check out this live heat map: https://ets2.online/heat/

  7. PorscheGT3

    Changes to the recruitment system

    Surely this rule punishes veteran drivers, and more experienced players (aka the people better qualified for positions in the team) more than new players? I have had more than three bans, with most being two years ago, yet I can't give my experience and knowledge to the support team anymore - even though the role isn't connected at all to in game behaviour. For a game mod position, maybe it makes more sense, but I don't see how number of bans is connected to people on the support team, events team, add on team etc.
  8. PorscheGT3

    Heavy Lag in heavily populated areas

    Just as a side note, sometimes pressing f11 and disabling names above the players can help with lag in busy areas - I doubt it'll help fix the problem but it might help. Some of the problem is likely to be people who's computers cannot cope with the large player numbers, I regularly see people lagging horribly and acting like described above in Calais etc.
  9. Great real operations event today, nice meeting the guys I parked up with just outside Torino at the end :tmp:

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      that was great event from TMP :wub:

  10. Good news, my ban length has been altered so I can attend real operations after all :D

    1. Jobawick


      I'm surprised you were even banned at all! All you did say 'morons' and considering that this is a synonym to 'idiot', I would say it's soft insulting. Soft insulting isn't usually punishable unless abused! Quote (1.5): Light insults such as "idiot" and "noob" aren't normally punished, however, if abused they can be.

    2. PorscheGT3


      I was astonished too, the admin said it means something more serious in Russian but I can't find any mention of it. Still got a few hours left but I get unbanned 8 minutes before the start of real operations :D

  11. PorscheGT3

    Hot topic #2: Rush hour, driving the traffic jams

    I love driving in traffic jams, gives you a chance to stick truckers.fm on, sit back and relax a bit. They're very social as well - yesterday a guy in an identical truck with the same trailer pulled up behind me, completely by chance, and had a nice chat with him. I think once an area becomes busy, people who like the social aspect of lots of trucks flock to it and that results in a seemingly random road becoming very busy.
  12. Got a 2 day ban for calling someone a moron, now I get to miss real operations :(

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    2. PorscheGT3


      There is a small update now, apparently moron means a more serious insult in Russian, not being Russian or understanding the Russian language I am not aware of that, and neither is Google either apparently. I have provided lots of proof from the dictionary, Wikipedia etc but no notice has been taken of that.

    3. Glada_Laxen


      @Simulator Experiencer That's not true. Bans are not always perfect, they are put by humans who can make mistakes. I have been incorrectly banned 4 times, all but one got removed. The one did not get removed because it happened in 2015 and there was no proper ban appeal system. 


      A lot of the Staff on TruckersMP also have different understandings with the rules, so different actions are taken under different rules. 

    4. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there,


      This discussion is slowly starting to go around in circles, and as this is a ban-related status I will have to cut the discussion here.


      Since you have done the right thing by appealing and later making a feedback ticket about this case, we wish you good luck on this.


      Thank you for your understanding.




      Community Moderator on the Forums



  13. PorscheGT3

    Why are there few people on the mountain road?

    I'd love to know the locations of some good mountain passes so I can check them out, I've no idea where the good ones are. I did an excellent one in a convoy in Poland I think but have never been able to find it again.
  14. PorscheGT3

    I don't know if Admins need to close C-D Road.

    The Calais Duisburg road really isn't that much of a problem - it is worse today for some reason, but on the whole the traffic isn't too horrendous. I remember when admins closed the europort once - it just led to more chaos.
  15. Is there a way to withdraw an application once it's been sent? Decided I don't think I have enough time to be a game mod.

    1. Muzolf


      I mean you can just wait for it to be declined/accepted and say it was a mistake :kappa: