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  1. Canvastigate

    thomas673 [NL-EN] Wrong Direction

    Edit: Ramming http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/ets23bildzfhem8c5nt.gif (sry, had probs. with uploading pics.)
  2. Canvastigate

    thomas673 [NL-EN] Wrong Direction

    Server: EU #1Date: 28.06.2015Time: 17:32Place: Rotterdam (Europoort)Perpetrator: thomas673 [NL-EN] Steam URL/Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/search/users/#filter=users&text=thomas673Description: Wrong DirectionVideo/Picture: See belowEdit: Ramming http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/ets23bildzfhem8c5nt.gif
  3. Canvastigate

    Which Folder ?

    You mean i Create a folder in ui called mods and put winter mod in mods which is in ui folder ?
  4. Canvastigate

    Which Folder ?

    and what about the ui folder in the data folder
  5. Canvastigate

    Which Folder ?

    Well, I now have got the winter_mod.scs file, but I dont know where I have to install it I tried to install it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer\data but when I wanna change my profile in the Multiplayer Menu, the mod doesn't appear. So now my question is, in which Folder I have to install the Mod? Cheers Brownie
  6. Canvastigate

    Can't write @

    I got a rly big problem ... I already downloaded ets 2 1.14 and the patch. But now if i want to login in the startscreen from ets 2 multiplayer i can't type the @ at my e-mail adress, what should i do now ( i also tried my Forum Name) Thx