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    As much as I like Linux, I think a Linux version should not be one of their priorities... at least, for now. The thing is, the mod is still in alpha. As far as I know, they have to hook into the game's memory in order to implement multiplayer - rewriting the code just because Linux manages memory in a different way (that's my guess) would just be a waste of time that could be used to implement new features in the Windows version. There are way more gamers using Windows - that's a fact. And then there's testing for compatibility between different distributions... yeah, in my opinion, not the best idea now. Maybe once the Windows version is fully ready, but definitely not now.
  2. I would just like to add that turning VSync off reduced the FPS drops for me a bit, however this may depend on your system specification.
  3. Have you tried running it in OpenGL mode? Also, does it only happen in the Truckersmp mod? Or single player too?
  4. As far as I know, the MP UI is separated from the game, and I guess it just doesn't support triple monitor setups. If you go to Control Panel -> Display -> Resolution, are the monitors numbered correctly? (ie. 1-3 starting from the left monitor) Try setting your primary monitor as either 1 or 2 - sorry if this doesn't help, I can't actually test it myself.
  5. You can chat by pressing Y, I don't think this can be changed. As for the company name, if you press TAB and right click you should be able to access the settings from the popup window that should appear on the left hand side of the screen (the one with the 'players near to you' list).
  6. Not sure if that'll work, but I had that problem as well. In my case, the solution was quite weird, but worked; do not skip the intros. Just wait until they finish.
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