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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday Glenny! :D Been a while since i last saw you ;)

  2. Is your ETS2MP in-game name now the one you use for TMP instead of your steam name?

    1. [T.T.L] Mr-Zumac [COL]

      [T.T.L] Mr-Zumac [COL]

      If now the name of the game is directly linked to the user of TruckersMP

  3. Finally hit 300K miles!


  4. Happy new year all! Also Happy new year from everyone here at Emerald Immersion! Lets hope 2017 is a great year for TruckersMP. 

    1. Mirko9


      Happy new year too :) 

    2. Yoyo_ManSg


      Happy new years too and good health my friend. ;) 

    3. Glenny_
  5. Is the Vive La France DLC worth it at the current price? Or should I wait for a sale?

    1. 0rangeGhost


      didn't have one, but i think that it's too much for such dlc

  6. Anyone having problems with Steam at the moment? Also Merry Christmas to all that see this :) ⛄

  7. Hi, I have a question. I have changed the name of my company and will be revamping the thread, will I have to make a new thread?

    1. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      You just need to edit the thread

    2. Glenny_


      Ok, thanks.


  8. Well this happened........



  9. This week is going to be so boring :( PC is getting repaired and it's going to take them a week.

    1. Beefy32659_YT


      I've had that twice with my acer predator

  10. Happy new year guys! ;-)

  11. Happy holidays from Planet Express! :D

  12. Just updated to 1.22, then realised that it is not compatible with MP, so I have to downgrade again :(

    1. Glenny_


      Downgraded to the wrong version :P

    2. ThisIsAlex
  13. Here's one; http://ets2.lt/en/all-truck-750hp-mod-spmp/Download it, place it in your mods folder, enable it, swap the engine in SP and then go on MP and you will have your 750hp engine!
  14. I mainly use plays.TV, but sometimes use action as I find that the clips come out in better quality.
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