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  1. And again, as always, the rullers do what they think is best for community, not what community want. While reports in game goes nowhere, you can spend hour to wait for someone give up blocking road, there no admin or moder to help you. We now have restriction with 110km/h. And that is simulation? In what part? Even SCS add ability to disable speed limit, so you can play the way you want. I like doing long trips in ETS2 over 1000, 2000, 3000 km. But doing them with 90/110 km/h got me insane, bored and sleepy. I play game, not drive real truck. If i can handle my truck at 150km/h on the higway, why not? For all who want spend a real day in game doing one long distance trip like in RL - enable speed limit locally if you not want give up and speed to 150, stay at your 70/80/90 km/h and keep going. How the speed limit helps with trolls? They stop ramming? blocking? Nope. While it takes a month for the devs to update for support latest version, taking month to support NewYear events, and mostly in limited version without sharing paintjobs, they decide to force limits. Keep go like that, hiding your laziness with the best wishes for community. And the "trial cars" make me think that before SCS run they own MP, you want monetize cars and take cash before close project.
  2. That is really sad Devs think about "fix" command, about patch their servers and talk about they want prive best experience for us... but still there no support for the new year event "Grand Gift Delivery 2017" we still should carry that buggy white trailers instead see a real gifts on platforms. That is really sad. Went back to 2015 or 2016 year, it's be nice see how most people carry new year trailers around the world - that is the real experience for us players (in my opinion). Also player vote and ask devs to enable winter physics - nothing in return. Not even on one server, not even for test for one year to see if that should be. Nothing. That is sad really... looks like devs just fire patches and the real development stops two years ago.
  3. Sadly, but no... i think the only one way to do that it's modify somewhere values in registry, but not sure and that can make other application stop working if they use default document folder location, more simply in that way it's move a system to a SSD.
  4. FPS drops during auto save because the game save all your profile data an a HDD and need to wait for the data was writen, before continue rendering scenes and processing gameplay. If you play on notebook, most notebooks have a slow HDD, what cause a delay when information write to it. If you have a not enough RAM memory, OS already bake up some data from memory to a HDD, also most windows processes can use HDD for their thing, you can have game installed on separate phisical HDD but ETS and ATS store profiles in a user documents folder what placed on a primary partition with windows. So the problem is a slow HDD or lack of RAM memory or both. You can try: Do a defragmentation for all your HDD, that can increase disk speed. In game, have less garages, fire all your drivers, sell not used trucks by yourself (That result in less data neede to be saved during autosave). If you use TEdit, stop using it and return setting in game configuration file about save format to it's defaults what make game use custom save format, what can be more speedy, instead of plaintext.
  5. Please add winter physics
  6. I'm now want an API from your map, just for make POST json request with X and Z coords for get the map with route based on provided coords Sounds nice. I'm want to cooperate with this projects. Now i have TCP server what accept connection from client telemetry application, doing IPB based authorization and store players jobs and telemetry data for each job, in DB. I choise TCP server because it's can handle more connection without open/close HTTP socets every second to send data to HTTP server. It's also more fast than put load to HTTP server (if 50 client send data it's 50connection to HTTP server, if 1500 or more this can cause trouble to maintain HTTP available and take many server resources, also it's concurent connection to DB). So i'm open to make my telemetry server available for everyone, and make auth to other service. This can be official MP forum (based on IPB) or MyVTC or steam). Also i can provide data API for your projects (now it's done and work for get user jobs and telemetry data for user job)
  7. Write my own extended version of this plugin, with send telemetry data to external TCP server. Store data and make telemetry graphics like this: This now allowed only for Blue Mule Trucking company now. If you or other company want use this, i'm can make this for you or open telemetry portal.
  8. Tavren

    Ets2map Megathread

    It's good idea, but it's better to make on server side of ETSMP, they already have info about all players positions, so they just need to store it and show on WEB, this not add aditional load on client CPU and network. In this type, i think better to use some more fast and useful code language like C++,C# or maybe Java for processing packets on client side and send only coodrs to map server - it's reduce network load and better solution than mirroring traffic to server with more unused data. And using other language can prowide performance and reduce CPU usage.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=357818531 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=357818751
  10. Oh yeah! It's...great! Good job MetaltigerSA! Make two trip with 125t, one about ~600km just for test and second ~1300km on my Volvo FH 750hp (Automat) Drive at ~60km/h sometimes 70 or 90+ downhill Setup 6x2/4 because it's unreal to control truck with full acceleration and low speed (<30km/h) (feel like first wheels is up from road) It's really nice feel to delivery huge loads, that is what the game is missing... Drive with my friend who take defaults loads and drive behind, and at mountains turn hazard blinkers on for who pass behind can carefully overtake us. Have some trouble on high uphills, pull on 1-3 gear. Almost all time on 9-10 gear and sometimes push my truck in kickdown for not lose power on the road. Thank you! Maybe today make some screen, or record video (if im not have lags with it)
  11. Try to play - game rash when i come in world, ok - teleport to another city (garage) take load, driving to dest, try park to unload - game crash, try to come in game - crash. Not want to play today....
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