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  1. I tried this a long time ago and it was perfect and worked completely fine, but lately it hasn't worked with ETS 2 but it does work fine with ATS.
  2. Haap

    Winter mode?

    Hello! Winter mod is currently active and you can go ahead and download it by clicking here. You can also navigate your way through the forum/website (essentially the same way). Guides & Help/Support > Knowledge Base > Information > "How to Install the Winter Mod?". Kind regards, Haap.
  3. Hello! Open your new TruckersMP launcher and navigate to Settings > TruckersMP installation directory, and there you will find your new path to install custom user interfaces. If you had the same path for your older TruckersMP launcher, it might have been overwritten and therefore you might need to reinstall the user interface (UI) again. Kind regards, Haap.
  4. Hello Ysterperd! Make sure that you actually downloaded and installed your windows update if you haven't done so. Please, take a moment to read Possible solutions if you are a windows 10 user. Kind regards, Haap.
  5. Thank you very much for your follow

  6. Maxi.

    Thank you @Haap for your follow! :HaulieLove:

  7. Thanks for the follow 🤠

  8. Thanks for your follow ! 🙂

  9. Thank you for visiting and following my profile. 😊

  10. Thank you Global Cargo for a great convoy, until we meet again o7!

  11. Tjena, jajamen! Kör lite blandat, ibland blir det ETS2 MP och ibland blir det ATS MP, men håller mig huvudsakligen till ETS2 MP begrund utav de flesta spelarna är just ockuperade där vilket blir roligare med större trafik (ibland). Ha det gött! Vänliga hälsningar, Haap.
  12. §3 - Save Editing Causing extreme lag or game crashes by save editing is not permitted. (If the Game Moderation Management thinks that your modification is not fit for our servers or negatively impacts other people, you are liable to be banned until the modification has been removed.) §5.1 * Mixing vehicle items - Using car parts on a truck, truck parts on a trailer or car parts on a trailer, and vice versa for each case. * Too many trailers - Using a modified trailer combination with more than 3 parts for ETS2 or 6 parts for ATS will cause the server to kick you, regardless of location on the map. So the answer to your question is Yes, it is allowed. There is no other rule that is implying that you cannot do this.
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