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  1. happy birthday to you! :)

  2. 1- Yes, they are decent to be honest. 2- Do you ever smile, I mean in your picture mate
  3. @MyPicture This is me when I code . xD

    1. TeddySmoker


      HAHA . I am learning web development aswell >...< don't be mean NAME!

    2. TeddySmoker


      Kat_pw has the same picture as me :) Its Chi from Chi's Sweet Home. And thank you Kaw for telling me about this awesome anime >.<

    3. TeddySmoker



      TuxyQ has a cat picture.

      J-M has a cat picture.

      Kat_pw has a cat picture.


  4. I did not said they will buy the model...you have to buy the rights from Scania to make the model and use it in your game I know right! Mate...For me and Scania T it was love at first sight I will never forget the moment when I saw her..and IT WAS A CONVOY OF SCANIA T'S >////< so beautiful .
  5. Most of the time I start post's so we can talk about things . This is a pretty good subject to talk about
  6. Amazing guys ! I am so proud that gamers have the courage to do this !
  7. Hello, First - Scania T. I think that we all used the Scania T mod , and we know how good that is . I started using that mod after I have seen a Scania T in real life (I was like: I have to drive that truck!) but I think that a model created by SCS could be better than the mod , and we could use it in MP aswell . How much would cost SCS to buy/use the Scania T model and put it in their game ? I am sure that It won't happend too soon , since they just added the Mercedes . But maybe in the future , they could add Scania T aswell . Second - American Truck Simulator I am sure that ATS will be great and so on , but after the release of ATS , will ETS2 still be updated ? Will they just abandon ETS? Would you guys enjoy playing ATS MP more than ETS2 MP ? What trucks should we expect to be in ATS? Thank you, Regards. Teddy
  8. @Zulnex That red Fiat is so beautiful ,It really shows that who ever own's that truck , he loves it . @MartyTheTrucker Yes , legit name . But its a fun name ( Bulgaria + Renault =Bulgarrenault ) @MashedPotatonato Nice model , bad color tho'xD. @alex990106 That Jag is really nice , but that Scania T...damnn ! I wonder when will SCS bring the Scania T into ETS?
  9. Yes , Italian's can make amazing food ) I am living in Italy for few months already , I can't talk Italian too well and there are not a lot of english speaking people . I have visited Bologna and Roma untill now, what city should I visit next?
  10. I am still laughing at that name "Bulgarrenault" its so fun XD
  11. 1- Happy admin day ! 2- 'Dat cat tho'! @Sysgen that server room is beautifull .Could we get a new photo of them? I f*p on that photo - joke-
  12. Linkin Park- Numb @The Leeds Lad that song is so good!! I love it .
  13. They are really nice ! Wow that is such a nice car .
  14. ^That. Is. SEXY! Its such a nice car. What do you think about this Aston Martin? ;P Yes , its really nice XD.
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