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  1. Road Rage... Road Rage Everywhere....

    1. Amazing Red Panda

      Amazing Red Panda

      Welcome to driving world! :P

  2. I wrote that because i think he was complaining about cars on EU2. Basically on EU1 there is no cars because they're not allowed. I'm not sure about EU3 tho. And you can't be a cop because it's only for admins.
  3. I'm really sorry but is that still English? I'm not from any English speaking country and still i can't understand a single thing. Google Translator much. BTW: Administrators can only use police cars, all other users with police skins are kicked automatically. If you don't like cars on EU2 then play on EU1 or EU3 if it's online.
  4. When Romanian guy tells you that you are an idiot because you are Polish.... #rip

    Romania - 22mln Poland - 39mln - Daaayum.

  5. When your car alarm wants to be a hip-hop rapper:


    1. Bonnm


      the beat xD 

  6. Post Your Truck Sim Fails!!!

    While doing 149 (!!) km/h with trailer ( ! ) on EU #2 my mouse fell from my desk... Ripperino in piece Volvo FH16 2k16 100% damage on truck and trailer :x No video tho, i just record my gameplays etc, not normal everyday playing //Edit: Oh shit, it's ATS fails... well, fail...
  7. Where's my Śkoda... gib gib plz :c

    1. DounatMonster


      Gib mir

      I want dat skoda

  8. Still waiting for the Diesel Śkoda Superb x)

  9. Oh, it works fine now. Nevermind.

  10. What is going on with ETS2MP? I can't log in to the multiplayer...

  11. Wow, seriously? Political correctness even in here? Congrats chaps, well done.

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      Errrm, play the game here, and give vote in RL for your favourite politician. ;) RL political issues are not the subject of the game imo. Happy trucking.

    3. Tomy_Gra


      Whatever you say Scania, my Italian friend.

    4. FirestarteR93


      no, nothing political-related shall be allowed there, because otherwise people will start arguing about it

  12. ETS2MP Police Car flashing front and rear lights

    I don't think so. I can catch semi-truck in my Volvo with trailer after about 15-20 km. It's a matter of time, but Admins are not going to use police cars to catch "criminals" i think. Someone wrote that somewhere, but i don't remember when and where... They're going to be just decorative and to inform other players that driver of the police car is an admin.
  13. ETS2MP Police Car flashing front and rear lights

    Well, on EU1 Police Car can have better acceleration than trucks, obviously trucks are about 10 tonne heavy and normal police car is max 3 tonne... but trucks could ram police car very easily then so i don't know... Let's see what they're going to do.