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  1. Maybe try to log in with no Mods in Singleplayer, then save the game. And then try to log in on MP Promods. Maybe TruckersMP has Problems to load into the Profil without any mods now, because your latest save was with mods on Promods. I don't know, but try it ?
  2. It was the old MAN. There wasn't even many paintjobs back then...
  3. Maybe try to verify the "ETS 2" Game Files on Steam. Since the lasted small update, many players have problems with missing Texture Files, and maybe a truck in the truck dealer has the Problem with the missing file... I hope i understood you right ?
  4. I love white chocolate but in at the time 2022 you can't say you hate the dark ones... so yes i believe i like both...
  5. I'm not a fan of the new DAF. The only DAF truck that I like is DAF XF 105. Also he does not support XF Tuning Pack DLC...
  6. I personally drive Promods and i love it. In MP as well as in SP ?
  7. I like the DAF XF 105 so much!! But not with the High Roof ?
  8. Hello, everytime when i start ETS 2 MP you need to open up the TruckersMP-Launcher of course. So i came on ideas, how to improve the TruckersMP-Launcher. The Launcher is small and it's kept simple, what's in my Opinion totaly fine. But i think it has some potential to get more user-friendly. My first idea is to make the window a little bit bigger and put the Rules in there. Not all of the rules, I mean just the "changelog", just the Rules that has been changed, like this: And maybe below the link to the full changelog post, which i love btw. So keep it up! https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1303 And what about accepting the rules in the Launcher and not afterwards in the game? I think its smarter because then you don't need to tab out of the game to see the "full changelog" for example, but that's just a incidental idea ? My second idea is to take the News, that are shown in the Launcher to higher level or rather like it is on the Website. I find the News on first page of the TruckersMP-Website very helpful. Because you get a quick overview whats new at the game and what has been changed in TruckersMP. What i thought to put in the Launcher is the setup like it is on the Website, with the swiping Newspages and you can also click through the newspages. I love it and would also love to see it in the Launcher that you don't need to open up the Website before starting and knowing what's new. Also this is just my Opinion and also i don't know, if all of that is even possible to implement in the Launcher. And remember i like the Launcher and the Multiplayer at all like it is, but i just wanted to share ideas ? But i just wanted to share my Ideas with you. What about you? Do you have an idea or a feedback to mine?
  9. I drive often Scania with the lowest transmission and the lowest engine because the Sound is so satisfaying when the engine speed is going further than when you have the normal engine. It's also much more realistic. In Real Life most Trucks also have not the best engine with the best transmission and then they need some time to accelerate.
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