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  1. Hello. The yellow circle means that the prohibition is not active.
  2. hi, you mean that you can delete the history of the ban, if passed year?
  3. hi, please just wait 5-20 minutes in mp
  4. I'm not play on the road c-d
  5. ^ @Talha0031 please show photos of new light
  6. hi, where?
  7. +1 I also support the idea
  8. hi, you take goods from external loads (wot)
  9. thanks you for updating
  10. you take cargo in single player or multiplayer?
  11. @Fast7 each country has its own channel - default 19
  12. Hi welcome to forum - press button Y - chat, press button X talk by radio (CB) if you have an ETS2 this is a similar system ATS
  13. thanks
  14. Вітаю з днем Народження

    1. Zelcrum


      Також вітаю тебе Юра, дякую за привітання! :) <3

  15. hi, please open Multiplayer in DirectX mode run