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  1. Good Morning all ! Have a nice day on the road! 

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      Good morning to you and peaceful journeys to you! :) 

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      Good morning

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  2. Hi, Thanks you for following me. 😀

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  3. Have a good night TMP! 😴

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  4. Félicitation Caernage! 😉

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      Merci Skalk! 😎

  5. The new excuse will "Sorry I'm just admiring the scenery and I didn't see you" xDDD Btw, good job TMP!
  6. Good Night TMP 

  7. Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. After a long time of stopping convoys, I would now like to resume the convoys. Maybe some people here already know me when I was doing big convoys. Since I want to start again I come here to ask if there are any interested to join me or more? Tell me here if you are interested in having me do it again or if you want to organize it with me. L hope see you soon! Cordially, Skalkery
  8. Good Evening, how is everyone? :) 

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      Fine, you?

    2. Skalkery (FR)

      Skalkery (FR)

      l'm fine thanks 

  9. Good Night Truckers! 

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  10. Good Night TMP!

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  11. Morning! 

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      Spig_Xiao Zhu

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  12. Good Night TMP! Have a nice dream! 😴

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  13. I use my own trailer more often, but I also sometimes take deliveries to companies.
  14. Hello, Yes, at the moment I drive during the day and sometimes at evening, part in relation to the place where it's crowded, I'd rather not go to the cities/roads where it's too crowded as CD Road, Calais, Duisburg City. There are too many people and then too many people who aren't careful, and cause of accidents. That's why I prefer to ride in quiet places with friends.
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