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  1. Bonsoir @philippeandre1313 Pour entrée votre Email il vous suffit de 1. ouvrir le Bloc-Notes 2. Tapez votre adresse Email 3. Copiez le 4. Retournez dans le jeu puis faire CTRL+V J'espére t'avoir aider! Cordialement, Skalkery (FR)
  2. Have a nice day on the road Truckers! 

  3. Have a Good Night TMP! 

    1. JJay


      Good Night

  4. Good Night TMP! 😉

  5. Happy new year! 

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Happy New Year  🎉

  6. Ready for the new year? 😛


  7. Well, thanks for your answers, maybe a day I could pay, but I'm not paying now because i can't. Thanks you for all answers. I got the answer to my question. My topic can now be closed.
  8. I hope it's worth it to pay.
  9. Hello everyone, i have few question to ask about Patreon. I saw that there were subscriptions/month. Is there a lifetime subscription or is there only monthly share? Thanks by advance for the answers.
  10. Hey @ATF Trucking - ItzAdam My last crash was 26 December as i can see in file, i don't know if is really a crash because if I do ALT+TAB to come back to the desk, i can't come back in the game. Secondly, I haven't upgraded recently, but my computer is up to date. Thirdly, I'm dropping off the files you ask me for underneath just in case. game.log.txt
  11. Hey @ATF Trucking - ItzAdam Yes, I did.
  12. Hey, I've tried everything, but nothing works. I think the problem is DX11 (i have DX12 but the game is DX11) or it comes from the multiplayer itself. I don't think that can solve this unfortunately, I've tried everything. If the problem comes from the multiplayer I hope it will be solved as soon as possible. Kinds Regards, Skalkery
  13. Good Morning Truckers! :) 

  14. Hello, so I've tried every single one of your solutions, none of them are making my game normal again. @Helion Prime Thanks for your solution but now that I opened my game by OpenGL, my game at a loss FPS and it didn't work. Another solution ? This problem is awkward for play quietly. Cordially. Hello, First of all, Happy New Years too! but unfortunately my problem isn't solved is actually getting worse.
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