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  1. Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám!

    1. Blackuell


      *Happy Birthday*

  2. Happy Birthday mate! Has been too long since we've talked.

  3. What a great idea! One thing nice would also be some sort of system that would automatically notify you (that you can opt into having) that would send you an email when the servers are down.. Just a thought.
  4. I love the winter mod and have since it was released some years ago on seasonal occasions. It is my favorite thing that TruckersMP team has implemented yet; Maybe someday there will be physics added. That'd be a show in the winter
  5. I think that this /fix system should be in effect, but only who really care enough to obtain such an ability. I'd say that these people would have to at least have: No bans in the last year 1 Year and a Half's Time registered with TruckersMP 250 Hours In-Game (I'm sure this could be done because it has been done with the registration of the game from Steam to a TruckersMP account, the 2 hr thing) Then, they could have access to an exclusive page on the TruckersMP website that would allow them to gain the access to the command in their In-Game accounts. Please let me know what you think of this, everybody reading, by casting a reaction or commenting CC
  6. I think this has been integrated into the game for some time now, considering the age of this post as well.
  7. I'd say 25 seconds would be adequate to turn on headlights and get situated in game.
  8. Definitely something that I'd consider.. If there are no collisions, I'd say there's no reason limit much of anything else.
  9. What an accomplishment! And to think that not so long ago, we had no idea what 1 Million players would look like. WTG, TMP!!
  10. Happy birthday, bud ;)

    1. TSRVTC ExamBus 51 (Norm)

      TSRVTC ExamBus 51 (Norm)

      Thanks, I appreciate it, although it has been a while.. Haha

  11. As users have said above, it looks like a pretty cool track and accessible too! As for possibly it not being accessible: That would not be a TruckersMP question; You would have to take that up with SCS; It is their map, and TruckersMP has no permissions to modify it. If it looks like something that is unfinished though, I would advise to let it go for now; SCS may discover it was a fault in their judgment to let it accessible to the general public, and they may release a new update at some point to patch that area. Hope this helped...
  12. See, I feel like there used to be some "Ghost Mode" where your truck would flash and flash for 10 seconds... Guess it was a beta and was removed because of bugs. Wish they wouldn't have removed it. I don't think there is any way the team can implement anything to put a truck in a different position where collisions are not present unless they altered the game immensely. This would mean them going into the coding, and changing where the locations are when you get the "Game change detected!" notifications telling you that your truck has been parked to a different location. They would also have to make the game change happen each and every single time. I don't see that happening in the future, but perhaps the "Ghost mode" could make an immense comeback in the near coming future...
  13. This opportunity is great, and I thank the TruckersMP team for hosting such a giveaway. Definitely makes this place feel like the ultimate gathering place community for all players of ETS2 and ATS!
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