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  1. I am catching up on my readings, reading some books while waiting for 1.38, for those who make World of Trucks contracts, it is not very profitable to play at 1.37 mainly due to the lack of wot contracts. But patience is a virtue.
  2. SCS did an incredible job, the map is wonderful, excellent landscapes, several points to photograph, the roads with their sharp curves, and not to mention the daily challenges. I bought it because I like to do the steam conquests, and I also play in World Of Trucks, and the Wot event comes down to Idaho. The only problem I see is, for those who like to drive a lot and do Km and accelerate, there is not very recommended, due to the curves and the roads, who is used to leave Bellingham towards Hobbs taking Highway 5 and passing through highway 10, it will be a little agonized. I recommend Idaho is a feeling of simulation quite different from what we are used to at ATS.
  3. I like to take the route from Bellingham to Hobbs, passing through Highway 5 and 10, a good fast and safe route, recommended by friends who like ATS.
  4. I have also lost a lot of World of Trucks work, due to some cars, it is sad and discouraging, especially when you are on a long route and the most interesting thing is that they always appear less than 1000 km before the end of the trip. That's why it's always good to be filming the trip, lol
  5. hello @DJ WaiN, yes, as I said, there are many good people and, as you mentioned, many are moderators, among others, but this gives us a few minutes of tension, this is inevitable, at least I stay. Well, I passed it on to your friend.
  6. Sempre que eu me deparo com um carro durante a viagem, isso sempre me dá uma sensação de frio na barriga, aquela sensação de que um troll está se aproximando, mas lembrando que nem todos os motoristas de skoda são motins, há muitas pessoas boas que gostam de dirigir por prazer, mas esse medo nos dá que não podemos negar.
  7. Yesterday I had an excellent experience, I got up my courage and took the Calais - Duisburg route, I confess my nervousness, but in the end everything worked out, come out alive, 😂

  8. It is very gratifying to be here

  9. I believe that this will increase the number of trolls, especially when there is a promotion on steam, we noticed this recently in July. The amount of reports is large, the moderators are overwhelmed with the amount of notifications, the world situation due to the pandemic everyone already knows. Increasing the speed limit would cause a number of factors, players affected by trolls will become demotivated, the team will become overwhelmed, and the fun and simulation will cease to exist due to these reasons and others that will emerge in the future.
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