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  1. Mod Version: Version 0.1.2 Controllers Used: Mouse & Keyboard Description of Issue: I can't load any save game with jobs/trailer from SP mode, it keep crashing the game. Those previous version was perfectly fine with loading save game from SP mode. Please, fix this. Gamecrash.log : http://pastebin.com/DzbC6Npk Thank you. Regards, Hastantyo.
  2. I'm Asian too, Indonesian. If you bored by getting lonely, try to stay in busy cities like Rotterdam - Amsterdam or Calais - Dover. Or you can join some convoys, for the time and place you can search it on www.ets2c.com.
  3. Yes this is happen while you took a job from SP, then finish it in MP. Or otherwise. For example, I took a job from SP which has limit for around 3 days remaining, then I bring it to MP mode and my job limit changed around 13000 hours remaining.
  4. I was doing MP last night. While we do resting and take a pic, I'm a bit shocked that my trailer is changed. I don't know how to explain this but I hope this pictures will help you to find out why. This is the pic was taken from my Friend. My Truck is in the Middle, IVECO with TRAMERI trailer. And this is the pic was taken from my PC. Actually I'm carrying the POSPED trailer, not TRAMERI. But what they see my trailer is TRAMERI not a POSPED. So, why is this different? Mismatch? Is this a bug or something else? Can somebody explain this why?
  5. Honestly we can freely ask many suggestion to mod developers, but only them who determines. 90km/h is fast enough for truck and this speed limiter is good for the system.
  6. Yeah, I agree with this. If we got kick accidentally we must re-log from beginning. It takes time to load the whole things. Please admin, remove the AFK kick. Or remove it only for NCz (Non Collisions) zone.
  7. Title says it all. Friend of mine wants to play MP, and I told him to download some tools which needed. After he downloaded the Client, it says the content was damaged or corrupted. I don't believe it before, because the file was works fine to me. Then he ask me to download it again, and yes he is right the file becomes damaged. I don't have the backup files, is there anyone has the backup files to help my friend? Thank you.
  8. Nama : Syafitrah Priyo Hastantyo (known as SPH) ID Steam : [iDN] Hastantyo Komunitas : Netral, hehe Domisili : Bekasi, Indonesia
  9. Why there is a Goat in your votes? And 6 peoples has voted for Goat, lolol. Is this really true or just sensation of humor, nice one.
  10. Is this true? Oh man I feel sorry about that. It never happen to me yet, but this is sad. Yeah another things like modifying trucks, or maybe managing garages, trucks, drivers, which takes more than 10 minutes will be kicked automatically from the system. This is quite uncomfortable.
  11. I don't know this is the new rule, and I see this was embedded into the system. This new rule can be good for some reason, but can be not good too. I've counted the time, there is only 10 minutes for AFK time compensation. "If you don't move from your place for 10 minutes, you automatically got kicked by the system." Why is that? Why? Why? Why I can't go free AFK on the NCz for more than 10 minutes? Seriously, in NCz zone?? Why I must go re-log from beginning when I accidentally got kicked caused by AFK? Why I must move my truck every 5 minutes avoiding the "Automatic kicking" besides that I must waiting some of my friends for a convoy or gathering event or taking photos or recording a timelapse video?? I just can't go back (re-log) by loading the profile after I got kicked (accidentally). I must quit the entire game, and start everythings from beginning. Like inputting username and password, then loading the profile, then loading to the main game (map). It takes quite tiiiimeee maaaan. How about people who suffer with cheap computers? It can takes more than 10 minutes to pass those loading time. Honestly, I feel uncomfortable with this. I know that this rule might help you (admins) reducing people which got AFK on road. Or maybe decreasing the memory use from server by user number limit. But not all of them (AFK) would disturb others like blocking the road or everything else. Many of them just go proper parking, and they not really go AFK. Like I've said above, you never be able to guess what AFK people doing. 10 minutes is not enough. The system can't define which people AFK on the road with people that parked safely in "NCz" Zone. It can't be helpful for you (admins) to remove the real AFK on the road. Only you can define which is which. Besides, many people still helping you by giving reports right? So, what else?
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