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  1. last nights update ATS worked just great on MP and todays update  unsupported game version detected  


    expected ver

    you have

    even if i roll back the update to  1.39.x for incompatible mods MP still won't work 

  2. Guest

    How does one get -4 Community rep. The Heck?!

    1. ScyzorPL


      can you believe it i asked on the Polish forum about how can i add radio stations to ETS2 and people gave me -4 nice right ;/

    2. Guest


      xD There are YouTube tutorials on it. 

    3. ScyzorPL


      Yeah now i know but that time i needed some help well the only help i got from people was  -4 lol

  3. i'm one of you guys that the game updated in steam just wait I think the update will be released friday or saturday and than truck on beep beep
  4. Nie wiem czy juz taki temat byl poruszany tutaj ale mnie ciekawi czy mozna dodac Polskie radio stacje na ATS ? Amerykanskiego radia mam pod dostatkiem w Usa wiec fajnie bylo by posluchac cos na zywo z Polski
  5. Jak na poczatku w900 ciezko mi sie jezdzilo najgorsze to bylo skrecanie ale oczywiscie jak troche sie podkreci w ustawieniach to w tedy smiga bez problemu no i trzeba oczywiscie sie przyzwyczaic
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