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  1. Wow, this is a proper scenic route and another add on I'm willing to purchase!
  2. Ah, this map works like a charm. It's nice to be able to plan the route before hand with this tool.
  3. I half and half my social and internet life. I have online friends and real life friends and even mix the two up. I enjoy being able to play and feel like being a truck driver but also be able to go outside and enjoy the real world.
  4. I usually use the Motorway depending on the load I have. I enjoy travelling on the Calais to Duisburg road but can become an annoyance and sometimes get's boring if I do it too often.
  5. Be able to screenshot whilst driving, but I think this feature lag spikes you when you are driving.
  6. I would enjoy having a custom paintjob in TruckersMP. Could easily identify myself in large bold letters
  7. I'm very simple, I just enjoy mixing a few blue pearlescent paints to make it look modern. Eddie Stobart skins are pretty nice.
  8. I think a lot of people enjoy C-D. It's trollers heaven really but it's a challenging road and I enjoy trying to get through it. I don't enjoy it when I get 100% damage from an overtaking truck.
  9. The towns seem to be speed limited even if you have the limiter turned off which is a great feature as it prevents more accidents like say in Calais or Duisburg where traffic density is high. Trucks are the much more popular choice due to their size and strength and I think 150kmh is a decent speed.
  10. Personally, I think the Scania S Series is the more luxury option of the R Series. They have almost the same specifications but one is just the comfier option.
  11. UK, it's usually quiet there but also France and Netherlands. Sometimes I go up to Oslo as well.
  12. Sort of like a tandem, they're nippy vehicles and would be useful for small cargo / pallets and maybe easier for those who don't want to drive a large articulated HGV
  13. Scania Streamline, it's 730hp (I think?) and looks modern and slick. Sort of feels like being in it in real life
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