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Status Updates posted by stilldre1976

  1. For xmas I would like the king tiger tank in france dlc to be drivable lol :troll:

  2. Loving that cb chatter mod for ATS lol :)

  3. @ dave TS sorted matey

  4. One for tuxy lol


  5. the divs are out and about lol

  6.  gotta love the drama posts on this shoutbox haha :lol:

  7. Looking forward to the UFC brock fight :D

  8. HAHA love dan bull :)
  9. When you spend hours on a game  looking for burlap sacks and netting to make a ghille suit..and you finally do it :D


  10. Preorder player unknown battlegrounds looks awesome cant wait to try the beta weekend now :D rollon 4pm

  11. Gotta love atsmp !!!

  12. Trunk-rattlin' what's happenin', huh?
    I don't even think I need to speed
    Bass-travelin', face-crackilin' huh?
    Turn it up and make the speakers bleed :P

  13. A lot of people on the forums tonight ;);)

  14. @Chris - TFM


    Congrats buddy well deserved too ;)

  15. truck driving music baby
  16. When you realise your flashing your lights in time to agadoo chorus on tfm lol

  17. Scandi dlc £6.74 ty very much haha

  18. Enjoying the ATS beta :)


  19. RIP chrs cornell :( one of the best voices in rock too


  20. What happened to the paris convoy?! lol

  21. Be great for removing troll blockers lol :D


  22. Get that merc dusted off krav lol meeting in london matey :)

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