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  1. Damn cold this morning almost fell over a frozen puddle lmao :(



      Same here :/ But no snow! Mehhh!

    2. Dorito


      Really? ;D It's between -15 and -25 degrees celsius here xD

  2. nice long job and no trolls at all haha lovely

  3. RIP bowie :( another legend gone...

    1. Fulgura


      What the... :( First Lemmy, now Bowie. Sad days... RIP

  4. was a pleasure to meet Inthernet out on the roads :) some great driving brother a joy to watch restores your faith in etsmp drivers

    1. jacoblovekw


      Nana is a legend

    2. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      Nana should be very proud of that

  5. Games crashing when i enter or spawn at rotters?!

    1. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      maybe someone has a million items installed ~_~ idk

      Person i thought was doing it has just left... so no idea. I'll look for crashes for a few more minutes (seems to be random)

    2. stilldre1976
    3. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      ^lol... i have a paint job on my truck...

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  6. Roll on ats cant wait now had enough of the £2 steam trolls now

    1. edgarinskas
    2. McFreshi


      I dunno why, but I find this kind of entertaining xD "We're very confident with our product" *product fails*

  7. eu2 down? keep getting connection broken

  8. and the 2015 nub of the year goes to..LativityPlays.wel done mate not only banned ingame but then goes on a admin stream to insult him ..oh dear

    1. stilldre1976


      he was giving krav abuse too what a wally

    2. stilldre1976


      dont mess with krav he like a pitbull on heat haha

    3. WarMaz
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  9. steam been hacked then lol

    1. stilldre1976


      looks like a ddos attack to me just signed in someone elses account lmao

    2. NeoSpex


      Does this mean we will receive a Christmas gift from Valve to compensate this mess??

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  10. Starwars dressing gown ftw haha

    1. Zyder


      xD. Bottle of whiskey and Steam Vouchers for me :D

  11. lil xmas dayz blast

  12. How i play ets2mp lol
    1. Zyder


      xD I watched that film last night

  13. First garage bought in scandi woot woot

  14. Scandi dlc £6.74 ty very much haha

  15. thanks for the conovy puncake really enjoyed it and great cc too :)

    1. Zirox


      Ye that CC was Awesome gotta be said ;)

    2. Puncake
  16. Thanks for the convoy admins enjoyed it :) and tuxy for streaming first part too LEGEND

    1. Puncake


      Legend of zelda? xD

  17. TY guys for putting eu4 limit up much love xx

    1. stilldre1976
    2. TFM_Omega


      Wait? WTF did eu3 and 4 come from?

  18. Nothing better than getting pmed by people who are banned haha sorry i aint got time for that i got MP to play lol :)

    1. stilldre1976


      Lmfao wondered what that steam message was about rofl

  19. I AM DISGUSTED......got no jam to put on my toast.........

  20. Its like deja vu or a glitch in the matrix ROFL

  21. Lav filters y u not play nicely with frap grrrrrrrrr :(

  22. If they hate, let 'em hate, I drop ya whole clan,Lay your ass down for the 3 second tap

  23. TY E.T.Haul Home and admins for the convoy enjoyed it :)

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