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  1. Yus yus dj chris rocking the wheels of steel over @ tfm haha :)

  2. We wants a dj on tfm or we riot haha :D

    1. OriginalDoubleO


      I would but my new mic hasn't arrived yet :(

  3. I'm on fire and I'm wired, full of diesel and ready for hire B)

    1. MrHarv98


      Cool status m8

  4. When you realise your flashing your lights in time to agadoo chorus on tfm lol

  5. FirestarteR93: throws Creeper's leg at @Louiegtfm :lol:

    1. FirestarteR93


      Yeh that's what left from him after Hannah got him

  6. Couple of hrs on ATSMP with louie "LEGEND" G rocking the tracks hell yus pls :D

    1. Guest
    2. Louie G

      Louie G

      haha! Thank you very much!

  7.  gotta love the drama posts on this shoutbox haha :lol:

  8. Anyone help get a steam id for a user called [LSK TRANS] zombiecrafterLP pls another trolling nub :rolleyes:

  9. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin',
    we're gonna do what they say can't be done...

    1. [NL]Brian


      from what for song is that i heard it before on TFM

    2. stilldre1976


      eastbound and down from smokey and the bandit soundtrack buddy ;)

    3. Beefy32659_YT


      Eastbound & Down for z winz

  10. enjoyed that sess on ATS us server hardly any lag and alot more cb chatter too lol

    1. Beefy32659_YT


      Why would there be more chatter on a server with less players than there are servers? I see your point about the lag.

    2. stilldre1976


      There was more online on US server than uk in early hours matey think about 200 on US to 30 on UK etc gets boring with not many drivers on,they seem to use the cb properly more too ;)

    3. Beefy32659_YT


      Oh! Now I understand what you were trying to say!

  11. Good to see teh forums back up :)

  12. Gotta love atsmp !!!

  13. Lmao @ that banned thread lol someone needs a mummy hug

  14. that mwl4 works fast haha n1

  15. You can tell things are bad when krav has to like his own posts lmao :)

    1. Puncake



    2. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      ... he's lonely I'm guessing for Valentine's day. Be nice :P

    3. heyhococo


      What's happened then krav? xD

  16. Every gearjammer knows his name,They swear he's got icewater runnin' in his veins,A foot like lead, and nerves like steel,He's goin' up to glory ridin' 18 wheels...

    1. FirestarteR93


      ....all we know is....

  17. RIP dave mirra LEGEND

  18. Loving that cb chatter mod for ATS lol :)

  19. Chuck norris on ATS lol
  20. Hype hype hyper !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Well impressed with gfx on ATS just started in fresno haha

    1. Dr_Dog


      I love the small roads in coast of california and north.. You seriously cant speed there too much or you're flipped/crashed into the corner..

    2. stilldre1976


      ^ture mate i like the fact u can choose where to unload for more xp etc and the police flashing there lights haha

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