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  1. Rules were updated yesterday to include doubles etc so for now doubles aren't allowed out of scandi
  2. thanks for the hard work and quick update team
  3. NCZ defo need extending in some places



  4. A lot of people on the forums tonight ;);)

  5. Good to see the DAFs getting some love
  6. @Horizon

    well done mate keep us safe

  7. ^ Sure thats off the Scania dlc mate as I have that one
  8. @Burner 0/



    1. Anriandor


      :D Always nice to see a Community Manager who tries to keep the road clean and prevents people from purposely adding useless traffic to highly populated areas without any reason whatsoever. How many people did he ban? :P


    2. stilldre1976


      I didn't see any bans but everyone was driving safely around him lol  yeah agree mate always good to see the community manager out n about ;)

  9. true lorenita but I find non coll servers boring
  10. Gonna be interesting with the no speed limit as most see eu1 as the most realistic server atm lol nate yeah wouldn't mind that either even if its just for weekends etc maybe try a cars only server too? could pull most of the trolls out of the other ones then............
  11. Forum rules can be found here mate https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/41-forum-rules/
  12. Cant leave the triples alone haha cant wait til mp can use them :D


    1. Mirrland


      Lookin' good! :D

  13. You wont see other players until you've joined properly ie after the queue etc be aware driving around before joining and causing an accident as you join (as you wont know where other players are) can get you a ban so best to stop or pull over as you near the joining stage
  14. @.::Cheetah::. #Wish64

    Congrats on support bro :D well deserved too for all you've done for this community  ;)

    1. EchoSpot


      Feeling the <3 

  15. anyone updated the win 10 creators update/? any problems or anything? keep putting it off get a bit wary of win10 updates lol

    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      I have all latest W10 x64 updates, "Creators" included. Only thing weird is that after one small update several days ago, the Minesweeper app stopped working and couldn't be downloaded from the store, but on wednesday a new minor update was released and that problem was solved.



      everyone updated ages ago m8

  16. giving c+d a rest today am discovering going east instead very nice so far :D

  17. @Digital

    hope your having a great birthday matey :)

    1. Digital


      Yes thank you :) 

  18. Yeah mate that's normal tbh I get it in the big convoys and sometimes when its really busy on c+d road. it feels like server lag or a flick book haha
  19. Horses love the tunes lol :lol:


  20. I was born a travelin' man, that's all Ill ever be
    Moving around from town to town is what makes me so free
    My father was a trucker for the years of 23
    On the day that I was born his truck was left to me....B)

  21. @PHL | WelshGaz

    Happy Birthday matey have a great day!!!

  22. @Chris - TFM


    Congrats buddy well deserved too ;)

  23. @Bonnm HAPPY BIRTHDAY bro hope your having a great day :D

  24. 5th time getting rammed leaving Brussel service I give up now :(

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