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  1. Lav filters y u not play nicely with frap grrrrrrrrr :(

  2. Good to see teh forums back up :)

  3. sad face :( noticed I don't see many friendly dots while out driving on the roads have a few like chris,smalleys,krav,david etc so if you freq c+d area mostly Europe and have room on your steam list pls add me cheers its stilldre1976 etc see ya on the roads and ill give you a friendly toot :)

  4. Good racing tuxy haha :D they couldn't catch ya !!!

  5. Roll up roll up the circus is in town at rotters haha :lol:



  6. Chuck norris on ATS lol
  7. @Mr Panda HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRAV !!!

  8. Just cruisin'
    Where, baby, I don't care
    Just cruisin'

  9. If krav had a bike lmao (contains swearing heads up)
  10. whats the deal with that officail TS server? can u make groups up on there or everyone on a open channel? cheers for any info defo need comms for this game

  11. Happy birthday buddy !! have a fantastic day :)

  12. Lmao @ donald trump shoutouts on tfm lol just put a nigel farge on in haha :lol:

  13. Snowflakes in nvidia 3d HELL YEAH !!

  14. Its like deja vu or a glitch in the matrix ROFL

  15. nice long job and no trolls at all haha lovely

  16. Congrats Nataliia :)

  17. thankgod its friday
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